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mandee25 - June 2

Does anyone here have a special nick name for your little one? I like Peanut......


San - June 2

We call ours Wudge. But we recently found out it's another girl so now it's Hannah :)


mcatherine - June 2

I call my little one Huckleberry. I have a son named Hayes and I have always called him Hazelnut. Now, I have a Hazelnut and a Huckleberry.


sophandbob - June 2

We call ours bob. this is basd on a character is a TV series called Blackadder. Basically, the show is a comedy programe about a guy played by rowan atkinson (Mr Bean) in differemt time periods. There is a character in series 2 and 4 who decides to dress as a boy to take on typical male roles (to be a man servant in tudor times, and to sign up as a tommy in WW1). She decides to call herself Bob, and it is all very tongue in cheek. As we didn't know if it was a boy or girl we went for Bob, like the character as people didn't know if she was a girl or boy. It makes sense if you've seen the show! We've actually got quite attached to it, and have both said we'll probably refer to the baby as bob for a nickname after he's born. I guess we're just lucky it is a boy!!


les22 - June 2

we have given ours the nickname of Hector, lol. people kept asking us about names so we just thought of the worst name and told everyone that we were calling he/she Hector. it stuck and now we call the baby hector all the time.


angie m - June 2

When I wes pregnant with my first and had an ultrasound done at 11 weeks he looked like a little bean so I could him Bean until I had him. Then it was my Sweet Baboo. I don't know why, he didn't even respond if someone called him by his name you had to say Baboo to get his attention.


Trixiedoodle - June 2

We went through IVF. After the procedure, the Dr showed us our little "bubble" on the ultra-sound screen & gave us a pic. So naturally we called the baby "bubble" . However, we've since found out that we are having twins so it's now "bubbles".


pinkrox87 - June 3

we are expecting twins and we call them peanut and jellybean :D cant wait to find out the s_xes to give them some real names :D


BethS - June 3

My little one is almost a year now and i still call him Bean



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