Nightmare During Pregnancy

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neely - July 5

Hi, i am 1.5 weeks pregnant and i get nightmares during my it dangerous for the baby?


Lynn - July 5

Pregnancy tends to generate some vivid, these will not hurt the baby they are only dreams..Here is some info I found: Dreams are like funhouse mirrors that reflect your emotional state. Since pregnancy can feel like an emotional roller coaster, don't be surprised if your dreams become more vivid and crazy than usual. Dreams also become more vivid during pregnancy because of increased progesterone and increased awakenings from dream-filled REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Some experts think pregnancy dreams, which can be about everything from tadpoles and fishes to talking animals and towering skysc___pers, symbolize your excitement, fear, and apprehension about the physical and emotional changes happening to you. They believe that certain themes are common to each stage of pregnancy. We've asked world-renowned dream expert and a___lyst Patricia Garfield to tell us what some common pregnancy dreams might mean....Then here is the website to click on the dreams interpretation for each trimester:


Linds - July 6

I am 17 weeks and i have horrible nightmares where i have to wake up my hubby and i want to cry... i dont remember having any in the beginning but i feel ur pain...i have asked my dr. and the nightmare doesnt hurt or effect the baby at all so maybe that will ease some of ur worry...i hope this helped and good luck hun!


To neely - July 6

Hi, I get nightmares all the time. But just curious how do you know you are 1.5 weeks pregnant?? I couldn't tell until I was 10 weeks. I realize it's different for everyone but I am just curious.


from neely - July 7

Thanks to all for replying really helped.Well someone misunderstood i am 1 month and 5 weeks pg



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