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Ben - August 11

Me an my girlfriend haven't actualy gone all the way but i'v ejaculated over her stomach and near. She is now 2 weeks late for her period. Is it possible she's got pregnant somehow? am very worried as we are both 18, and feal to young for a child. Thankyou


nikki - August 10

she could be pregnant but it also could just be a mis-calculation of her period. Now if she c_med while this was happening the chances of herecomming pregnant are a little higher meaning if you c_mmed on her vigina and then she c_mmed the pressure could have sucked a few million sperm into her vigina. However if you feel to young for a child then your too young to have s_x to. But I ecame pregnant at your age I moved out then decieded to have an abortion. I ended updropping out of highschool blah blah. However Im 23 I home schooled for my high school and now am in college my point it i ended up in the same placeI wiuld have been anyways even if i had the child. i even ended up in the same apartment to good luck to you both


brucen - August 10

SPERM IS NOT SUCKED into the the v____a upon orgasm. If you spill s____n on/inside/ around the v____a or vulva there is a possibilty that a woman can become pregnant. You guys are prcaticing a form of safer s_x and I think you should be commended for that. However, to have even safer s_x use contraception and keep your bodily fluids to yourself! As a side note , in the event that something like this should happen again, please be aware of emergency contraception also known as the morning after pill. It is used (in case of emergency )when contraceptives such as condoms or the pill are not used properly. It should not replace the use of any contraceptive and is most effective up 72 hours after intercourse.


Rachel - August 10

Basically you and your girlfriend have been EXTREMELY silly. *If* she is correct that her period is 2 weeks late then yes, she *probably* is pregnant. You must know that a girl can pregnant if you ejaculate near her v____a?!?! If by some miracle her period arrives and she is not pregnant, PROTECT YOURSELF at all times in future!


Ben - August 11

Me again, thx all for your comments, well my gf came on2 her period last night. So am quite releaved. I admit we were neiave as we didnt intend on havin full s_x we didint think the need of condoms, have learned my lesson. Cheers



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