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BetsyC - October 13

I am four days late and taken many tests because I'm soo anxious for one to come up positive! They all keep coming back negative and I have never had a child before and have no clue what to do or what I'm looking for or anything. I also take some daily medicines that probably aren't good for a baby but I don't know if I should stop taking them or not because I don't know if I am! Is it normal for 4 days late to still say negative? I see the commercials on tv that talk about finding out before your period is even supposed to start! I keep talking to my stomach like there's a baby but my husband's nervous. Any help PLEASE!!


BetsyC - October 14

somebody answer please! my husband and I want there to be a baby in there so bad....everyday no period but also no positive. I've only taken the dollar tests because I dont' want to spend the money on any of the expensive ones...should I? could that be the problem? someone please help we have no idea and are so anxious for there to be a sweet baby in my stomach!!!! PLEASE!


ShoppingForTwo - October 15

I would say to go to the doctor tomorrow and get a blood test. I heard the dollar store tests work but I don't really know if I trust them. Everyone can for sure afford those tests in quanity but I'm not sure I believe in the quality of the tests. I'm not a brand name only type of girl and I have taken two in a row this month from the dollar store and they both came back negative and I still have symptoms. . . Maybe I'm just bitter. Best of luck to you! I hope there is a little bean in there! Talk to your doctor about those medications asap, even if your not pregnant yet. AND hopefully you've been taking your prenatals and extra folic acid. Ok that's it. :)


tish212 - October 15

u could try buying a first response test...thas the test I used...however the first one came up negative right after I was late for my took like being 2 weeks late for a faint line to show up and the line was so faint I had to check it like 10 times to make sure I wasn't seeing things...the next day I wet to the dr...and their ept test came out positive as soon as they put it in my I dunno... try a different brand if u don't wanna go to the dr yet... gl hope u get a bfp



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