No Deli Meats

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Melanie - May 4

I am 2 months pregnant and have been eating a lot of bologna and ham.....and now i see that people are saying that you arent supposed to eat deli meat? is that true? jeez


monica - May 4

yes its true, I have read that hot dogs and cold cuts can cause listeria. I love cold cuts but have only eatin it twice during this pregnancy. Its hard sometimes because I crave cold cuts and hot dogs.


Lynn - May 4

Yeah, its true. I think you just need to do what you are comfortable with. I know some people that have eaten deli meats and some people that refuse to take the chance. It's because of a bacteria called listeria & at first I thought the risk of getting contaminated meat was so small it really didn't matter & then did some research & its actually quite common. And pregnanct women have a 20time increased chance of contracting it too. Apparently healthy bodies can usually fight the bacteria no problem, but people who are pregnant, on chemo, with AIDS, etc have a hard time fighting it off. & it can actually cause miscarriage & even still birth. I'd say do some research on it & do what you feel comforatble with. oh yeah, heating the deli meats up until they arre steaming kills the you can have all the hot ham & cheese you want


PP - May 4

First yes in certain circles they say no deli meats because they are high in sodium and also have a higher risk of food poisoning. But they also say the sale thing for hot dogs. Now let me say that 20 years ago our mothers didn't think twice about these foods and we are fine. Just keep your meats cold and use proper food safety. If I lived by all the foods I was allowd to eat I would never eat. My baby is a product of Taco Bell, hotdogs, milk and now snack packs.


jena - May 4

my doctor said that the main problem with deli meats is the sodium, so I just eat it occasionally...


LI - May 4

I craved and ate a turkey deli sandwich my entire second trimester. My doc. said it was fine and my baby was born very healthy and big. : )


Mary - May 4

My doctor told me that if I microwave the deli meats first, then I can eat them freely, that goes for hot-dogs, too. He is not worried about the sodium at all, it is the bacteria that he cares about.


April - May 4

yes... the only problem with deli meats is most people don't heat them to kill the bacteria... but if you heat them (hot enough to kill the bacteria) then they should be fine... it's the same reason that you shouldn't eat leftovers over a day old... bacteria



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