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zinger43 - February 14

Ok...this question is just out of curiosity. I'm not looking for a scientific answer here...just some feedback on what you may think....Anyway....I have always been one to believe that dreams can be very revealing and help us with major decisions in our lives. I am approx. 9 weeks along and though I've had dreams where I know I'm pregnant but not showing, I haven't had any after-birth baby dreams yet. I don't want to sound crazy but I just wander if my mind knows something my body doesn't yet. My first Dr. appt. is next Monday so I will be able to get some real answers then. For now, any thoughts about why I'm not having any dreams would be appreciated. Thanks. (Both me and db are very happy and excited. We are in a long-term committed relationship and have owned a home together for 5 years now so there are no stabiltty issues or problems like that)


Crystal B - February 15

Hi zinger, dreams are so confusing but i think that dreams are really important and is Gods lil way on helping us out or telling us stuff...maybe ur having dreams like that bc in u mind u dont know exactly what to except so ur only having dreams that u know about so far...that u are indeed pregnat..try not to panic about it and make all kinds of stuff in ur head to make u worry. just hang on till monday and good luck with ur baby!!


piratesmermaid - February 15

I think some dreams have meanings and are trying to tell us something, while others merely an excuse to make your eyelids twitch. I didn't start having after-birth baby dreams until I was 12 or 13 weeks pregnant. In fact, my husband had those kinds of dreams first! I do always have nightmares about the baby the night before I have a doctor's appointment. But that's just anxiety. You have nothing to worry about unless your doctor tells you different.



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