No Heartbeat On Ultrasound

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Angela - February 10

I went in two week ago and had an ultrasound done and everything was normal. They deffinately heard a heartbeat. When I went in today the baby's growth was good but they couldn't hear the heartbeat. I am 8 week pregnant. Has anyone else been through this?


levi - February 10

Did they do another ultrasound at 8 weeks or did they use a hand held doppler.


Angela - February 10

They did an US


levi - February 10

hi angela, are you bleeding or having any sort of cramping pains.


Angela - February 10

No cramping or bleeding. No signs at all that anything is wrong except no heartbeat. I go back tomorrow for another US.


levi - February 10

try not to worry to much, i have had 3 miscarriages and i had bleeding and cramping with all of them. i think your body will soon tell you if something is wrong. let me know how you get on tomorrow, i will be thinking of you.


HEY - February 10

that happened to my sister in law....she went to the docs to see if everything was ok...and checked babys heartbeat...and no heartbeat...she had a misscarriage...but i wouldnt worry if i were u if the baby is growing normal then that should be a good sign..


levi - February 12

hi angela, how are you and the baby.


louise - February 13

darlin at 8 weeks your fetus is wriggling aroun all over the place, soe people have trouble finiding a heartbeat at 12 weeks. the baby can be one side and then a second later the other side. if the sonographer said everything lked fine it probably was fine. chill and relax coz stress can cause severe pregnancy problems,. youll be ok. i will pray for you"!


michelle - February 13

gosh how often do u hguys get ultrasounds in the usa. here in england our first is 12 weeks, second is 22 weeks and then at 30 once a week


levi - February 15

how many ultrasounds do you get in the usa through a normal pregnancy.


Smitha - February 17

Dear Angela, I had the same situation as yours last week. My doctor said all was fine, the cervix was closed and uterus fine. But the US showed no heart beat. I thought my baby was 12 weeks but the baby stopped growing at 9th week only. Thats what the doc at US told me. As i did not have any cramps or bleeding the D& C was scheduled next day evening. I wept so much that day that day the Feb 7th 2005 that at 4am in the morning had to be rushed to the Emergency due to cramps and heavy bleeding. If D&C has to be done, get it done faster, else there will be too much blood loss from you and difficult situation. I know its hard. I have still not recovered emotionally. -Smitha


Hayl - February 17

Michelle, I have only had one ultrasound at 10 weeks and then I as told I will only have one more at 20 weeks and that's it till the baby is born. But I really wish I could have an ultrasound on demand as I'm always worried about how my baby is. I think I just need constantly rea__suring! I'm from near Manchester, UK.


Amy - February 23

I went in today to hear the baby's heartbeat. They could not find it on the ultrasound. I am going in today at 4 to have a bigger ultrasound done. I am so scared. I am 14 1/2 weeks pregnant and at my 9 week ultrasound there were no problems at all.


tiffani - February 23

Oh Amy, i'm so sorry for your stressful situation. I'm saying prayers for you right now. Let us know what happens. xxxxxxxx


P - February 23

Try not to worry. I had to go back for another ultrasound because they couldn't find the heart at all!! A lot of the time it has to do with the technicians, some just don't have as much experience as others. At my third ultrasound I was in there for an hour because she couldn't find everything and eventually had to call in another technician who finished it in about three seconds! Don't worry, I'm sure everything is okay.



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