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Carla - October 4

Hi, I'm 18 years old and just found out I'm pregnant with my boyfriend. The pregnancy wasn't planned, but we are keeping the child. We own an apartment together and are both in college right now. My parents are fairly mad at me and at the moment I cannot get them to have a conversation with me. I don't pay for my own insurance (my parents do), and I have no idea about anything to do with it. When do I need to get insurance for my baby, and how do I go about doing this?


jen - October 4

I would do all you can to stay on good terms with your parents, in most cases as long as you stay a full-time student you can remain on their insurance policy. It is near impossible to get a new insurance policy while you are pregnant.


cl - October 4

I have maternity coverage on my ins. plan. When I have my baby I'll have 30 days to establish insurance on him. You can add your baby to your insurance plan or find one separatly. The hospital I am using has their own insurance available for people. Just call around and get quotes. I'm sure if varies by state but you can expect to pay roughly $100+ per month for the baby alone. Good luck!


M - October 4

Reach state insurance. Or if your boyfriend has a job he can put the baby on his insurance.Goodluck


* - October 4

your local health department should have Medicaid, WIC, etc programs for people that are eligible. And they are little to no cost.


A - October 4

Typically you get it less than 30 days after the birth. After that time, a lot of companies will make you wait for an open enrollment if not. Go to a birthright or something similar - THEY CAN HELP. Also, apply for WIC. It's a wonderful program.


Kelly K - October 4

If you are on your parents plan, your child will not be covered on their plan as well since he/she is not their dependent. You are, but the baby will not be. You should look into Medicaid or a state run insurance plan for the baby after he/she is born.


Kelly K - October 4

One other thing to check is if they will cover the maternity care. Our insurance plans here at work do not cover maternity for dependents.


heather - October 4

get on madicade


dee - October 25

when I got pg i did not have insurance. The hospital I was going to offered either free health care or ma__s health, i live in ma__s. Ma__s health covered everything, even gave me an option to get on WIC, to help with formula and different foods. Just see what your area offers.


Jbear - October 25

You should go apply for medicaid. Even if your parents' insurance covers most of your care, there will be copays and possibly deductibles that you'll have to pay. It might be possible to get medicaid to pay whatever your parents' insurance doesn't cover, and then your baby will be covered once it's born.



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