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lulu123 - July 11

Can anyone give me some advice? I am currently unemployed and about 8 wks along, I believe, I am just dying to get into a doctor for my first appt because I just feel that its wrong if I wait too long, although I don't feel ill or that anythings wrong, I just want to be told I'm doing fine and learn what the next months will bring. I feel so clueless. I'm job hunting and trying to get insurance through the state, which I'm sure I'll be accepted for and Arizona's got great pregnancy coverage, but in the mean time, which could be up to a month of waiting ( I was really given the run around over the phone and didn't know how to apply until today)-- does ANYONE know of or have you ever heard of going to certain clinics for a low cost exam? I really wouldn't be able to afford anything past about $100. I am having the hardest time finding any info online or through word of mouth. Help, please!!


sa__sifras - July 11

I also live in AZ and currently have state benefits(HealthChoice). However, once they find out how much I make at my new job, they will drop me. They should let you know soon if you qualify and then you can get in to a dr. They usually don't schedule you for the first couple of months anyways. Make sure you are taking your prenatals and you should be okay. If you are in the east valley, my dr is amazing. He is on Gilbert and Baseline, Dr. Brian Lindstrom--480-633-6868. Otherwise, they will give you a list of drs that accept your insurance. Maybe try Planned Parenthood. Or try calling DES and light a fire under their b___t to get things going!


Krissiem23 - July 11

In NY, medicade will cover 3 months proir in pregnancy. I would check and make sure that this is true in your state, but its probably standard.


lulu123 - July 11

Thanks to both of you, sa__sifras, I do live in the east valley, so I'm going to take you up on that doctor! Thank you, thank you!


RMC - July 11

Lulu - i know that you don't want to wait, but I also live in Arizona and get state benefits. And wow - Sa__sifras you must live near me because my doctor is on baseline & price - but they have to approve you within 10 days if you're pregnant, so the sooner you get in there to apply, the better.


sa__sifras - July 11

RMC I actually live out on power and ray, but you are close! lulu- They may try to approve you at the appt itself, or you can wait for DES. They should not make you wait much longer. I have an appt on Friday morning so I can ask if you have not called by then. Thay are sooo nice there.


Jamie - July 12

Just to rea__sure you, I didn't get in to see an OB until I was 13-15 weeks pregnant. As long as you know you are pregnant, you eat right, don't drink or smoke, you should be fine until you can afford to go.



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