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cloverpatch - February 5

To any of you that are not insured and you're pregnant/trying to get pregnant...what are you going to do when you are or find out you are pregnant? I only ask because my husband and I have been trying for a baby and right now I am not insured. I'm a little worried about the costs of things when and if we get pregnant. I just wanted to know of any programs or places that are available? Thanks so much for your help.


lily10 - February 5

I think this is a very legitimate concern. I would definitely look for a job that has health coverage prior to TTC. Does your husband have insurance? I'm sure there are clinics you can go to, but I think you would receive better care with health insurance.


Melissa30 - February 5

Do you live in the USA? Most states have government funded programs to help pay for your baby. When I had my first two kids, I had Medicaid. It paid 100% of doctors bills and hospital charges. I had no out of pocket expenses. If you live in the states, contact your local health department to get more details.


Erin_T - February 6

It depends on where you live and your annual income but you can apply for medicaid or CHP + but you have to wait until you are pregnant


ilovepugs - February 7

see if "baby your baby" is available in your state :)


Bridget - February 7

Most states have some form of free or sliding scale medical care for uninsured people who work. There is "Healthy Kids" in California.. If you aren'r PG yet, try to establish the care now for yourself so you already have a doctor you are comfortable with and you know how the system works, otherwise you could get stuck with some big bills before you've gotten all the details ironed out. Good Luck!


Mommy1 - February 7

Does anyone know what the total cost (roughly) is to have your child in the states without any coverage?


trixiebee - February 7

I really dont' feel like paying for your baby and your health care. Either does millions of other Americans, but we're forced to by the idiots in office. Get a job or get independent insurance please. If you can't afford that, you can't afford a kid. flame away, I'm just tired of leeches.


momma3tobe - February 7

I am going to have to agree with trixie. Getting pregnant on accident and needing state help is one thing (and THAT shouldn't really even happen because of birth control but it does sometimes I know) but PLANNING on using taxpayer money to fund your pregnancy and birth..that is wrong. I have two kids and one on the way and I don't want to pay for your kid. You are burdening others when you do that.


Angela.B.L - February 7

I don't live in the US but find your comments really harsh. Your tax is paid and provisions made for all areas. I think it is very unfair to judge or to refer to people as leeches or burdens. What i find most worrying is people with those opinions bringing up children to continue with that arrogant and ignorant att_tude. People do their best and all have different situations. I would be more concerned that children and people are healthy and looked after than condeming different people in society. I live in the UK and i am a nurse and social worker, things are not easy for anybody and worse when there are people with these kind of condeming att_tudes. I have used this site and found people to be extremly supportive in various situations, to date not come accross anything like this. My advice to cloverpatch would be to find out what you can do about your insurance and what a__sistance you can get if any and worry more as you are about having a baby rather than the horrible comments which have been said.


Bridget - February 7

Yes, Angela, I agree. Sure, there are "leeches" that have child after child and use the welfare system to take care of their kids healthcare, etc. But there are also millions of working Americans (sometimes referred to as the "working poor", if they make less than a certain amount) and many are uninsured and making $7 an hour or so flipping burgers or washing windows or digging ditches or whatever.They are part of our society and perform drudgery that many wouldn't want to do. Perhaps they may not be college graduates so they can't get the best job, but at least they are working and being productive. If their employer won't offer medical coverage or would make them pay a large chunk of their salary towards it, well I think that Yes, our tax dollars should go towards helping them with a program just to keep their kids healthy at least. That's what taxes are for, the infrastructure of our society.Just because they are poor (but still working, remember) they don't deserve the blessing of having a family, as long as they can live within their means other than the crazy outlandish cost of healthcare in the USA.I think it's a case by case basis and I agree our system isn't perfect. It allows for the true leeches to get away with murder but it also has many families fall through the cracks.


kvilendrer - February 7

Have you tried Medicaid? Look into how much money a family of your size can make. Usually, for a pregnant woman, they cover the entire cost of doctor's visits and the birth.


salk - February 13

My opinion only. But no one should ever PLAN a pregnancy without insurance. You never know what could happen. I was young healthy so was the father. I was 19 when I got pregnant 20 giving birth. Husband 24. We were lucky we had insurance - he was in the military so had good insurance otherewise would have had none. I was in college with no insurance until he quit college to join military so we could get insurance. Anyway, my son was born and 3 days later was found out he was very ill. He was on life support for two weeks and many many doctors later he was released. He has epilepsy, some slight cerebral palsy, some brain damage. He is 20 now and participates in special olympics and goes to a special school. He is happy and otherwise healthy. But we had several hundred thousand dollars of doctor bills. Almost half a million. Had my husband not sacrificed his college for four years and joined the military we would have been financially devastated. Military insurance paid a lot. We of course paid a lot too (a lot for a newly wed in college with a baby)! So you can never really take for granted everything will work out. Insurance is a MUST when planning children. My girlfriend had the same thing happen only her son had leukemia. If she had not had insurance - they would have been sunk! Please for your baby's and your sake get insurance before getting pregnant.


Belle - February 13

Depending what state you live in...most states have programs that are payed by the government...medicaid or pcap, and you can get wic as well...I have pcap but the doctors office still sends me a summary of bills...for the last 3 visits it added up to almost $900, and that's only for the bloodtests and papsmear, and counceling..a friend told me that a delivery alone without any medication costs about $20.000...a pregnancy can be very expensive so I would look into getting insured before you get pregnant or apply for medicaid after when you're pregnant...most women get approved for medicaid unless your income is outrageous...I hope you find something and good luck...


rj_80 - February 13

Wow - I find this really shocking. I live in the UK and we've got the National Health Service. Okay - they sometimes really mess things up and at times it can be a bit of a post code lottery but I'm glad I don't need to worry about this! What happens if you do get pregnant and you're not insured? Surely they can't turn you away. Or the lady with the child who was very ill - they can't just tell you they won't treat him can they?


Bridget - February 13

No you won't get turned away everywhere, there are public hospitals (which are often known to be the worst in the area) or if you make too much money to qualify for medicaid,you will just get bill after bill (even from the public hospitals) and be in debt for years.There are charities for sick kids that parents can apply to but they are dependent on donations. A national system to make sure no one falls through the cracks or that working parents without medical coverage through their employer don't have their credit ruined for life would be a great thing her in the USA. Why does our administration act like anyone who suggests it is a communist or something is beyond my understanding.


Steph - February 13

Mommy1, to answer your question, I just had a baby in July and my OB was $2,800 for an uncomplicated v____al delivery. Out of pocket, I had to pay $850 for that and my $15 copays at each visit. I then had to pay out of pocket $780 for the hospital stay which was only 24 hours. The total hospital bill was about $1, altogether it was $4,700 and paid approximately $1,750. BTW, I also did not get an epidural to keep my out of pocket costs down. :o)



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