No Insurance What To Do

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Steph - February 13

Mommy1, to answer your question, I just had a baby in July and my OB was $2,800 for an uncomplicated v____al delivery. Out of pocket, I had to pay $850 for that and my $15 copays at each visit. I then had to pay out of pocket $780 for the hospital stay which was only 24 hours. The total hospital bill was about $1, altogether it was $4,700 and paid approximately $1,750. BTW, I also did not get an epidural to keep my out of pocket costs down. :o)


lily10 - February 13

Some folks opinions may have come across as harsh on this thread but it's true nobody should plan a pregnancy without insurance. That is exactly why I suggested looking for a job that has health coverage. It's unfortunate, but very true that in the US you can receive excellent health coverage if you have good insurance. Many doctors/specialist don't even accept people who are insured by the state or will only accept a limited amount of people with state insurance. Many people without health coverage wind up spending many long hours sitting in the emergency room waiting to see a doctor that can't even spend more then 5 minutes with them. There is a husband and wife in this situation, surly one of them should look for a job with health insurance to cover the baby they wish to conceive. Lets not forget they are planning this, they aren't even pregnant yet. In my opinion if you're going to plan something you should plan it the right way.


Pipa - February 14

Thought I'd throw in my two cents. I respond badly to birth control so no longer take it. We have insurance but not maternity coverage b/c that would only work after one year and if I got prego before that there wouldn't be any possibility of getting Medicaid. However, as it is I am eligible. While I know that there are many people who abuse government funding, I am most definitely NOT one of these persons. I am in grad school working on my doctorate and will more than put my contribution back into government funding. I used to be ashamed of this possibility because of negative people who have such att_tudes toward Medicaid. If I end up using Medicaid, then I will be using it how it is supposed to be used and while it is most definitely not the best healthcare system compared to other countries, it's what we have and must work with. I only have insurance for catastrophic occurrences because I really can't afford it (live off my school loans right now). If you want to judge me, go ahead, but I make no apologies for wanting to live my life as best I can. If that means that I have to use Medicaid then so be it. I have taken control of my life by dedicating myself to my education and I feel that this says more about me than anything some may think about my possibly using Medicaid. I will say that if I could take birth control, I would have found a way to get maternity coverage and wait a year but it is what it is.


cloverpatch - February 14

We aren't trying to get prego on accident. We WANT a baby and I don't plan on using gov't money - I'm asking about individual plans. Trixie and Momma3 need to chill out...We know what we are doing. I've been looking for work for months...You two have problems IF you're trying to make others feel bad by using gov't money. So thank you to everyone else that gave individual plan ideas/other help.


Pipa - February 15

Perhaps you could try talking to your local hospital. Often you can work out a payment plan or apply for financial a__sistance. I incurred some expenses due to complications last year and they gave me a monthly payment that if paid within one year would not acc_mulate interest. Never hurts to ask around. Also, your local department of human services can possibly suggest alternative means of financing a pregnancy/delivery other than Medicaid. Again, it never hurts to ask. Good luck with getting pregnant!


lily10 - February 15

From reading your original post, you asked about programs or places, not individual plans. You could look into a payment plan but the cost of delivery alone can range from $6000-$8000 and that is for a normal delivery. Good luck



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