No Morning Sickness

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Nicole - January 13

I am 6 weeks pregnant and i have not had any morning sickness, is this normal with my daughter i was put in the hospital at 6 weeks because i was so sick


Rainie - January 13

I didn't get it until I was about 11 weeks, and it lasted until about 20 weeks!


Lisa - January 14

I had very little sickness with this baby, i felt a bit queasy at about 5 weeks, but it pa__sed very quickly. I think some are just luckier than others.


Laura - January 14

Don't worry. I'm also 6 weeks and the only thing I have are sore b___sts and fatigue


Lucky1 - January 14

I haven't really had morning sickness either, but I am really ga__sy and bloated and I feel like I have a stomach virus..... :~((


Alison Landry - January 14

Hello I am 7 weeks pregnant, and NO sickness :) it is good, no need to worry :)


Josie - January 14

I'm 14 weeks and I haven't had any at all....


Linda - January 14

I'm so happy to read all of your responses because I've been worried that there's something wrong with me or the baby. I feel great during the day. I feel "queasy" at night but it's nothing I can't handle. My b___sts are SO sore and I'm tired but not exhausted. I'm in my 8th week. I was beginning to worry....


ChildEyes - January 15

I am 19 weeks....when I was about 6 weeks I was very nausy and it only lasted about 2 weeks....I feel I think everyone is different and not having morning sickness and nothing really to be alarmed about


celine - January 16

it is possible, with my son i never got sick but it all depends....i'm told you get morning sickness more with girls then boys never really know you may be lucky i know i was, all i can think of is enjoy the fact that you don't have morning sickness


lisa - January 16

don't worry if you don't have don't wish for it. when i was pregnant with my daughter i was sick for the whole 9mo, also had to carry around a cup because i had so much saliva in my mouth that if i swallowed it i would throw up. so be grateful for right now you don't have it.


carol - January 30

i'm six weeks at the moment and havent had any morning sickness, i was a wee bit worried myself, i'm sure its nothing to worry about though x


Sophia - January 30

Don't base your pregnancy on morning sickness. Just be glad that you don't have to run to the restroom everyday. I had no morning sickness with my daughter and we were both fine. Don't worry yourself and the baby over something like this...Good Luck!


Sadie - May 20

I am also 6 weeks and it's so bizarre, I feel like I could run a marathon. The only symptom I seem to be having is extreme hunger and some bloating. It's my first. I'm praying it stays easy like this!


KH - May 20

I'm 31 weeks with my second and I NEVER had MS with either pregnancy.


KH - May 20

Is it more the norm to have morning sickness??



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