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K.C - September 14

I am a 26 year old mother of a 7, 6 and 3 year old. My fiancee of five years and I finally set a date for our wedding for next June. A month later I found out i was pregnant AGAIN. My older two children are from a previous relationship and my youngest is ours. I panicked. I knew the timing was all wrong. We are in the process of buying a house and both our jobs are going really great and we were so excited with the wedding plans. The kids would all have been in school next fall(no more daycare) and now we will be starting all over again. When I told him he immediately said have an abortion. I said no way and if you have to leave because of it then go. There is no way I could do that. My mother was no help she said what are you thinking. My fiancee has 4 sisters and they all had the same reaction he did. My friends are all in shock. Meanwhile I am raising 3 kids working full time, taking care of a house, running to soccer and ballet classes and doctors appointments all alone. My fiancee won't even take a day off of work so I can go have my ultrasound done. I feel that abbay even unplanned is a blessing and that everything happens for a reason. Somebody please help!!!


K - September 14

What advice do you want? You' ve made your decision to keep the baby. I suggest you get your tubes tied or if you don't want a permanant solution, get on fthe pill. As for your fiancee, I don't think that this man loves you the way you need to be loved if he is acting this way regarding a baby he helped create. You might want to consider leaving him and doing this on your own. It sounds like you already are. Good luck.


K.C - September 14

I was on the pill and I still got pregnant. I guess I am just asking if anyone has ever been in a similar situation and how it turned out for them


Cathy - September 14

KC Congratulations on your new little blessing. You are right, things happen for a reason and God works in mysterious ways. How long has it been since you found out? Maybe your fiance was just in shock and needs some time for this to soak in? I remember the first time I was pg and I told my boyfriend the first words that came out of his mouth was abortion and then adoption. I was very angry at this. Well, the pg ended in a mc so the point was mute, but I think he did warm up to it after a few weeks and he even told his mother about it. Sometimes it takes men a little longer than us to realize what a gift a little baby is. I applaud you for not giving in to his and his sisters attempt at abortion. You sound like a strong woman and if you have to go at this alone I think you can handle it. Just give him some time and if he doesn't come around you do what you have to do for you and your little one. As for going to the doctor...could you call a babysitter or even take them with you? Explain the situation to your ob or ob nurse, they are very helpful in these types of situations. Good luck to you and God Bless!


T - September 14

It doesn't sound like you handle it at all to me. And everyone else around you realizes this, that is everyone but you. Good Luck with whatever you decide.


Ash* - September 14

Tell them to stick it up their a__s and shut up. If you want to keep your baby, then that's your choice. Funny how people will support an abortion, but if someone actually WANTS their child, it becomes an issue. Anyways, you're right: all children are blessings, even if they don't come in the fashion you might've expected. In your case, you've dealt with this three times prior (and I'm sure all circ_mstances weren't perfect with their entrance) but you made it. So, you'll make it this time as well. And, by the way, hopefully your husband's att_tude will change once he sees his son or daughter; as for his family, it's none of their #%&$(%^@ business.


tiffani~48 days to go!! - September 14

Stick to your guns. If you want to keep this baby, then by all means, keep the baby. It's refreshing to see someone who is willing to keep the baby and not abort, even when a baby is not ideal. I think the guilt of an abortion would do more damage than keeping this precious gift. You were on the pill and you got pregnant, maybe this baby is fate. Who knows, this baby could grow up and discover the cure for cancer. All the best to you and your family! :o)


teigan - September 14

first of all i would like to say you are a credit to all women, well done for working, house wife, and looking after the kids, alot of singles mums with just one child cant cope but you seem to be doing fine, i deffinatley think you need to have a serious discussion with your partner, and make him realise your BOTH in this relationship not just him. i think your doing extremly well and i applaud you ( claps ), if you want this baby then go for it, after all we only live once, and if i can have 4 kids i will, bigger the family the better, but only you can make the decision, good luck with what ever you decide and please let us know.. good luck xxx


Valarie - September 14

You are obviously a strong woman, you take care of all your responsibilities....I wish you had more support from the people around you, especially your fiance. I don't really know what to tell you, except I think you are doing the right thing by keeping this baby, and I think you are a wonderful person for taking care of yourself and your family. Everything happens for a reason, this baby is a blessing to you and your family, and hopefully everybody else will realize that soon. Don't let it get you down, stay strong and positive, and good luck with everything!


smiles - September 14

Wow! I think you have to follow your heart..I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy!


Heidi - September 14

Big deal. It happens to a lot of families. It seems that the last child is always the oops child! Ha ha! Sounds like you're in a stable marriage, or going to be soon and I'm sure your fiance will change his tune down the road. Just hang in there. I'm sure his family will change their feelings too.



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