No One Likes The Name We Chose

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Craig - August 29

We have chosen the names both for if its a boy or a girl but no one likes the girls name even our parents, we chose Luka for boy Nastassja for girl what do u think?


Sorry - August 29

The boys name sounds like a girls name and Nasta__sja sounds like a foreign food.


Lisa*9 - August 29

You should keep the names you are the parents but keep in mind are their names easy for kids to make fun of . Something to keep in mind.


Jen - August 29

I'm sorry I don't care fer either one.


to Craig - August 29

Luka sounds like a v____al secretion. Your son will hate you, lol. Who cares what others think, think about how your child will feel.


To Craig - August 29

I don't see anything wrong with those names but be careful because kids can be nasty with names they have quite the imagination .... like LOOK IT (Luka)HERE BUDDY , and NASTY ASS (Nasta__sja)


Craig - August 29

thanks alot! hmmm, Im british my woman is croatian, Luka is the croatian version of luke. we chose Nasta__sja because of Nasta__sja Kinski (total babe) cant see how they would make fun of luka but they could say nasty nasta__sja maybe?


kris A. - August 29

Craig, the biggest problem with Luka is that anything that ends in "a" is viewed as feminine in most western cultures, and most will see Luke as a boys name and Luka as the female version. Nata__sja is uncommon, but still a feminine name (ends in "a"), but undoubtably will be shortened by her friends (nat or tasha or whatever)... but you dont have to be conventional, heck I am naming my daughter Wren Caroline.


Craig - August 29

thanks Kris, maybe i will think about suggesting Luke instead and when we are in croatia they can nickname him Luka. Nasta__sja i like but cant think of any alternatives anyway! .


mm - August 29

i love luka. we were going to name our baby luka if she were a boy. the thing we have to think about is if kids will tease at a later age.


Craig - August 29

mm, you were going to call your son Luka, why where did you find that name? also, so in the end you had a girl, what have you called her??


sammy - August 29

i think both names are great. i love luka for boy and nasta__sja is a BEAUTIFUL name. I like them both. I remember there was a song with Luka in the t_tle, but i would name my child that anyway. I was looking for an N for my daughter, we settled on natalie, but had i found that one her name might be nasta__sja, i really think it is a beautiful name, she'll probably be the only one in her cla__s with it. That's always a plus if you ask me, at least she will be memorable. i think luka is a memorable name too.


Craig - August 29

thanks Sammy i liked your comments, what was the song about Luka?


Carol - August 29

what are "american" names? i am almost certain you weren't think of native american names. the names you think are american probably have orgins from all of the world. It makes sense especially when you think about how americans got here.


L - August 29

shut up carol. You know what an "American" name is.......I didn't say it's origins were from America, I just meant that the names that are common in America. If you don't live in Croatia, or Africa, why name the child as such. The child will be a Native of wherever he/she is born. Not where mother/father is born. Get Real!


S - August 29

I believe the song is "my name is Luka" by Susan Vega (i think) It's about a young boy who is abused?


to Craig - August 29

The song was called "my name is Luka" and it was about an abused woman.



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