No Oral Sex While Pregnant

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Lady - January 6

i read that pregnant women should avoid having their partners perform oral s_x on them because he could possibly blow air into her va___a and cause her and her baby death. is this true??? and if it is true why is that only possible during pregnancy? why couldnt air go up there any other time?


AshleyB - January 6

I've never heard that before. I don't believe that's true.


TCB - January 6

umm i have never heard that before... My doctor said that oral s_x and s_x is would have to b__w ALOT of are up there to cause them both death. Air can get up there at anytime but i truely doubt that it can cause harm.


kr - January 6

Hi Lady, I know what your talking about. What I heard was similiar (from "What to Expect When You're Expecting'), but it did not say to "avoid" oral s_x, it said only to be careful and not have air b__wn ito your v____a. The idea was that it could put air in your bloddstream and cause an "embolism". My guess is that the author was just trying to cover the bases. y doctor claims that s_x is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and for our baby as it strengthens the parent bond.


Rhonda - January 6

oral s_x is safe,long as your partner dose not b__w air into your v____a.True like Kr said ,it can cause an air embolism(a blockage of a blood vessel by an air bubble)Which can be potentially fatal for mother and child.


Jewell24 - January 6

It is dangerous to actually b__w air up there at any time not just when your pregnant. I'm sure your fine otherwise.


Lady - January 6

its funny, i never heard that warning until i got pregnant. its like they're saying theres no sense in getting u and the baby killed so just wait until ur not pregnant to risk getting air b__wn into ur v____a. its wierd.


Monique - January 6

Yes, it's true "they" say a man b__wing up you can be dangerous. Personally however, I haven't worried about that because in performing oral s_x my DH has NEVER b__wn air up me!! lol. That's just plain weird... lol Licking, Sucking, Kissing is generally how oral s_x is performed!


Kiddolebel - January 6

Besides Air also gets in there when having s_x at times, depends on the position. So yes oral is fine. Like other ladies have said, it would take A LOT of b__wing HARD for anything bad to happen. Good luck.



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