No Pd Since Last May Think I M Pg Now New To Forum

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principii - March 2

I've not had a PD since May 06... got married this past October, and this past week now have been feeling "different" - EXTREMELY tired, weird cravings, headache, some nausea - not much... did a test, negative... I knew my chances to get PG were slim (we WANT a baby) - and that it's probably still too early to get positive results, so I guess I'm just looking for assurance/advice/info from other members - maybe someone else has had something similar - gotten PG even though the period was missed (not due to nursing)... can this happen? I HOPE!!!


Txffwife - March 3

Hi principii!! I don't know if my information will help you much, but I thought I'd at lease give you a possibility. I just found out I have a functional cyst on my right ovary and I missed my period for two months. I know that you said you have not had a period since May 06 so you might be slightly different. My dr. said that there are several types of cysts that can delay your af, and some of those you really need to get checked out. My cyst is the type that produces all sorts of pregnancy symptoms because it contains progesterone. I thought that I was pregnant, but tests kept coming back negative. I had nausea, slight cramping, sore b___sts, headaches, acne and major fatigue. I was also extremely bloated and was having a hard time zipping my pants. My dr. said that it was due to this cyst, and that this type typically goes a way on its own, but I could skip a couple of periods. Also, I'm not sure if you can ovulate if you have a cyst. Since you have gone this long without a period, I w ould get it checked out. You might have PCOS. The only way they found my cyst was with a transv____al ultrasound, so I would contact your dr. There's a reason you haven't had a period for that long, and if you are trying to conceive, you want to get a good bill of health...and then on the other hand, you actually might be pregnant and it's just too early to test. I hope this helps. Good luck!!



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