No Period After Miscarriage Worried Help

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Rose - October 6

I had a miscarriage last month & my body rid of the pregnancy on it's own (I had a cycle to discharge the fetus-- No D & C--Sorry, only way I can explain it). My doctor checked my levels & verified that the pregnancy was resolved. Anyway, my husband & I have not had s_x since the miscarriage so I cannot be pregnant. However, I was due for my period this past Sunday. It is now Wednesday & it still has not come. I have always been regular prior to the miscarriage at 5 wks. I so desperately wanted it to come so we could start trying again during my ovulation period. Is this common for it not to start after a miscarriage? Is something wrong? Should I call my doctor? I am very worried. Please help.


jasmine - October 7

dont worry i have had 4 miscarriages and my periods were all messed up for the first couple of months. if your period doesn't come in the next fortnight go to the doctors for a check up all the best and good luck.


Rose - October 10

Still no period. I was supposed to start last Sunday. Here it is Sunday again & nothing. 7 days late. Please help, someone. I need advise.


Aoibhe - October 11

Hi Rose. Just wondering if youve any luck since? Any sign of period or have u contacted a doctor. I had a miscarriage too, only last week though, so am curious to know how soon to expected my period. I am so anxious to try again, although have been advised to wait, just can't manage that. R u the same? I think its alot easier said than done. Hope you are feeling ok now anyway. Keep us posted. Take care and best wishes x


Rose - October 11

Aoibhe: I am so sorry to hear about your lose. I know how difficult it can be. Yes, I am driving myself crazy because I want to start trying now but my period still has not come yet. From what I understand, no period means no ovulation. I am now 8 days late (this would have been my first period since the miscarriage) and no reason to be late b/c we have not had s_x since the miscarriage. I wanted to be sure my period was normal before we chanced getting pregnant. Although, my doctor said not to evern try for 2-3 months to ensure my period was back to normal. I already know my HCG level is back to zero. Anyway, I have finally moved past my lose although it is still difficult not to cry when I see other pregnant woman or a newborn. When I say I have moved past it I mean I am finally able to think about other things during the day besides my lose. You are not alone with what you are feeling. Hang in there, ok. Best wishes & keep us posted also.


Boomgirl - October 15

If you are feeling you are back to normal health, then you can try eating little of "hot foods" like sesame seeds, papaya fruit (not milkshake) and try keeping a hot towel on your belly. just try including them in ur diet. just a bit of warning here, that dont over eat sesame seeds or papaya and dont do so if you are not back to normal health, I mean hcg levels are still up or u still have pregnancy symptoms and so... I tried these for only a couple of days after 6 weeks of no periods after my miscarriage and I got my periods withn days..


Ana - October 17

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... Ask me to [email protected]



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