No Period For 6months But Just Got Pregnant

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Daniell - July 1

I have not had a period in almost 6 months. I an very athletic so I thought that this could be the reason. My doc also believes that I may have PCOS. Anyhow after feeling sick to the stomach, having headaches and moodiness, I went to the doc. They gave me a pregnancy test which I though was just so silly since My period is always irregular due to my hobbies. The doc came back in the room with a positive test. I almost fainted! She gave me an exam and said that I measured at only about 7 weeks along. We even heard a heart beat that she said was healthy. I don't understand how Im pregnant without having a period. I was too in shock to ask her questions. Im trying to figure out how to tell my fiance. Im afraid this pregnancy is not normal or something. I have an ultra sound scheduled in a few weeks. Im so confused right now. can this happen?


Daniell - July 1

I really had no others syptoms prior, I thought that maybe I had a case of food poisoning or something. I have never heard of this happeing unless a woman was b___stfeeding. This morning I had very sharp pain in one b___st, but it went away as soon as I got out of bed. I feel as if I missed the whole process of getting pregnant or something. It just does not make sence on how Im pregnant without having a period. I heard that a person does not ovulate if they are not having periods, that theory must be very wrong. I think I will tell my fiance after I have the ultra sound and find out if this pregnancy is normal.


littlemrsb - July 1

I was having problems ovulating,... Dr. also a__sumed PCOS might be a factor. I would go 3-4 months without a period, but did eventually start ovulating. Since you ovulation brings on the period, you can ovulate and then get pregnant and never know you were ovulating cause you hadn't been having a period... You guys must have gotten lucky! I have a friend that only ovulates once in a great while too.... makes the chances much more slim, so it sounds to me like you have been very blessed. Many women who have sporradic ovulation have a very difficult time getting pregnant. There must be a very special purpose for this baby, and I am sure it is just fine. Congratulations! :)


littlemrsb - July 1

What I mean is that ovulation brings on the period apx. 14 days later if the egg is not fertilized... so you might not have been ovulating on a regular basis, but then did ovulate and fertilized the egg. I'm not trying to be confusing. Periods don't bring on ovulation... it's the other way around. And sometimes you can have a period without ovulating too, due to breakthrough bleeding... I wasn't ovulating but having breakthrough bleeding every few months... obviously did start ovulating though, cause I am pregnant!


Daniell - July 3

Thanks for the great info. Yep this baby is a big blessing, I was not plaining on getting pregnant until after a yr or so, but I quess things happen for a purpose. My fiance will be sooo happy because his parents have been asking for a grandchild. I just want to make sure everything is legit before I tell him. Right now Im still getting used to the idea myself and I have started taking prenatals. Thanks again and I'll probuly post on how my iltra sound goes in a few weeks.


Daniell - July 3

Sorry I meant to say Ultrasound!


littlemrsb - July 5

I am so happy to hear that you are happy about this baby. I think sometimes we freak out about the unexpected things in life that often turn out to be the greatest blessings! I will keep checking back to see how things go! God bless you! Oh, and good job starting on the prenatals! :) It sounds like you are going to be a great mommy!


b - July 6



tricia - July 14

Hi I was the same way and got pg for my son. with only one period in feb. and Oct . got pg in Dec. He is now 10. That was a Suprise...


Davida - July 15

The same thing happened to me when I got preg with my 10 yr old! I was nearly 18wks when the I had my dating ultrasound! She was 9lbs at birth and hasn't shown any signs of being unhealthy! She is even in the gifted program at her school! I sometimes think she may have felt a little ignored because she is like my shadow now! She always tells me how much she loves me and misses me when I'm away from her! So far that is the only "side effect" but a good one! Best wishes for a healthy baby!


Kelly K - July 15

I have PCOS and only averaged about 2 periods a year and got the same shock back in January. My doc said just because you don't have a regular periods doesn't mean you don't ovulate.. you just don't ovulate as often. I just got lucky and we caught it at the right time.



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