No Positive Result Seeing Gynecologist

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Laura - April 20

Hello everyone, I know I am 13 wks pregnant but all blood work shows HCG below 5. I convinced my doctor to let me see a gynecologist. Anyone been in a similar situation and can tell me what to expect? Thanks so much.


Misty - April 20

Are you sure you are right with what your HCG levels are? 5 is very low. You ovulate at 0 and your levels should be doubling every couple of days. At 13 weeks they should be in the hundred thousand area. Someone should knock your doctor in the head if your levels are truly this low and you had to convince him to let you see a gynocologyst. It should have been the other way around, he should have been convincing you. I am sorry, but if the levels are right it doesn't sound good.


PP - April 20

How do you know you are pregnant??


Catherine - April 20

I know I am pregnant because I have had the following symptoms for over two months: Intense Nausea, Gas ,Breasts growing two sizes, Nipples raising ,Aerolas expanding, darkening, New blue veins encircling aerolas, around b___sts, and everywhere, Dizziness Frequent bowel movements, Frequent urination Heartburn, Bulging tummy, always flat before Hardening of stomach, not buff, Food aversions Hunger, Fatigue, and Leg cramps. I know my body and I know I am pregnant! I have heard of women who have healthy babies that never get their BFP except through an ultrasound or physical examination!


PP - April 20

Ok Catherine- I just wanted to know what made Laura "know" she was pregnant. I did not doubt she was nor do I doubt that there are people who get false positives. I wanted to know her symptoms and such because I do have a lot of medical training and it would help to know what is going on. You sounded extremely rude in your post so I am sorry if I sound defensive. Have you had and ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy? How far along are you???



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