No Sex But Could Be Pregnant

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confused - June 23

my boyfriend and i were making out without clothes, he was wearing a condom, but it slipped off and i was near him. i got scared n took the morning after pill. could i still be pregnant, or could i get pregnant from that?


wannabe - October 4

Are you serious? No wonder nobody responded. Why am I even here! You have made my day! LMAO...


Jessica - October 4

NO!!!!!! There is no reason to worry!


tiffani~28 days to go!! - October 4

No, I think it's safe to say you ARE NOT pregnant. Make sure next time that he puts on another condom if the old one slips off. Better safe than sorry. :o)


ha, ha - October 4

Why would he be wearing a condom if he had clothes on? ha, ha, ha too funny!!!


to ha ha - October 4

She said "Without" clothes on.


Jessica - October 4

How funny, The first time I read this I thought that it said with clothes on too! I guess I was wrong. But either way there is nochance of being pregnant without s_x!!!!!!


to jessica - October 5

actually there is a chance.. maybe a small chance but there is a chance to get pregnant without having s_x. if he was near her if any sperm or presperm got near her/in her, she has a chance...


Lisa - October 5

Good lord! What the hell is wrong with the young people these days? There is no excuse for this kind of ignorance. Go to a free clinic and ask about s_x and how babies are made and ways 'not' to have babies...


N - October 5

See, this is why you sign that permission form for your children to take S_x Ed!!


HELPER - October 5

There is no reason for all this noncence respondings. This lady is worried and is wanting some advice and help on the subject, not some rude, usueless comemnts. Hunnie, the only way that you can get preg is if sperm(c_m) is near or inters your v____a. There is no other way. If you think that sperm did, in fact, become in contact with your gennital areas, and you have missed a period, then there is somewhat of a clue that you might of became pregnant. I wouldnt really stress too much about it but there is always a chanch. Small but still there.


TruckinFool - October 5

......well, there's a small chance you might be preggo, but doubt it very seriously. Anyways, don't worry about it, wear some clothes to make out, you just drive him NUTS with your clothes off.......



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