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just me! - April 26

i am 7-8 weeks preg. and have had no morning sickness or much sickness or any kind...just some nausea here and there. is that ok??


kris - April 26

I was the same with my son. Only got sick once the whole time and it was b/c of a gag reflex at 5 months!!! All of a sudden at 3 months preg everything even the slightest bit gross made me gag. I could not go to a public restroom. I could not even clean my toilet without gagging. The only time I threw up my entire pregnancy was when I had to pick up used tissue, and it was mine!!! I gagged while brushing my teeth too. All of a sudden at 6 months, this went away. I had a great and healthy pregnancy, so don't worry!!!


Lisichka - April 26

Yes it's fine. I was the same and was worried it meant my hormones weren't high enough or something, but everything turned out fine. I didn't even believe I was pregnant until I went for my first scan. Some of us just get lucky asnd breeze through the first trimester with few or no symtoms.


Beth S. - April 26

Im almost 6 months preg with my little man and had no sickness at all. the only thing i had other than no period was sore b___bs. my doc told me it was normal and im lucky


Syn - April 26

same with me, u could just say we both lucky.i'm 26 weeks now. and i only get car sick sometimes. and only in other peopls cars not mine.


Karen - April 27

I was the same, then later on everything made me sick. Just looking at food was a nono. You lucky hopefully this continues for you. Good luck cause feeling sick is just aweful. I am almost 5 months and trust me somedays I feel like just lying down and never getting back up and some foods make me sick to my stomach.. NO fun at all. All the best


Sam - April 27

It's perfectly ok. You are the envy of all morning sickys everywhere. I would love to not be sick all the time. Enjoy it!!!


Lynn - April 27

I am 9 weeks and heven't actually gotten "sick" yet. I hate throwing up & I am very good at not doing it at all costs. I have nausea pretty much every day all day & really feeli like I'm going to throw up at any moment but like I said, I'm really good at keeping myself contained.


Yes!! - April 27

Every pregnancy is different. Good Luck


Amy - July 14

I am 6 1/2 weeks and I don't feel any different besides sore b___st. I've prayed every morning that morning sickness does not occur. I'm hoping more of you will write in and tell others if you have went through pregnancy without morning sickness (vomiting and nausea). Does a positive mind set about pregnancy help with not getting morning sickness. This baby will be a first and last for me because I am 34 almost 35 and I want this to be a wonderful experience. Please any comments and suggestions on eluding morning sickness all together. Thanks!


Lissi - July 14

I had no morning sickness. I'm actually feeling more sick in my third trimester, because of the heat. All those of you who have planned to be at your most pregnant during the winter, are very smart! Wish I'd thought of that.


Amy - July 14

Hey Lissi, Was that your first pregnancy? Is there anything special thing that you did to dodge morning sickness? By the way I'm looking forward to being pregnant in the winter becuase I'm so hot natured. Thanks for your comments!


Lissi - July 14

Yes, it's my first pregnancy. I didn't do anything special to avoid sickness, I was just lucky. I'm not sure if there's anything that you can do to avoid it, either you're lucky or you aren't. It's weird how people can be sick with one pregnancy, but feel great with the next. Some people think it has something to do with carrying a boy or a girl, but I'm sure that's an old wive's tale. All I did is eat when I was hungry and rest when I was tired. If you do get sick, some people swear by ginger tea or ginger biscuits. I heard peppermint is good too. Very smart move having your baby in the winter! :) Good luck!


lorach - July 14

I had 4 children and no morning sickness with any of them and they are all perfectley healthy. With two of them I had toximia I don't know if it has any thing to do with each other or not.


lynnstress - July 14

I'm 18 weeks and have had no sickness at all. My sister is very irritated about that (jealous!). Every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different!


L - July 14

When i first found out i was pregnant i was already 6 weeks but i had noo symptoms... i really thought i'd make it with no morning sickness. then, at 8 weeks the smell of our handsoap that we'd been using for a while made me very sick. After that i always felt sick but now at 18 weeks i feel great and have only thrown up three times all together so i guess thats lucky compared to some girls....good luck and congrats to all!!!


Beth S - July 14

i had no sickness at all and now im 34 weeks and the baby is perfectly healthy



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