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leslie - March 4

OMG!! I am freaked now! I was going through the labor forum and I found out that it is true that it is common to poo on the labor table!! how embarrasing!! I guess you don't really think about it at the time, BUT I AM THINKING ABOUT IT NOW!! Lilke I said over there. I am going to stop eating when contractions start!! (I know this has nothing to do with this forum but I am always so I thought I would ask you guys.maybe you think I am silly but did anyone out there was ignoring this like me? or was it just me??!? please someone?!?!


Yep it happened to me! - March 4

TRUST me it will be the least of your worries during labor : ) I was freaked out about it but I figure they have seen it all.


rose - March 4

i was terrified that would happen to me!!! when the time came close i was very careful about what i ate (no mexican food or anything...eww) but i delivered both my children without that happening!!! i have to say the time i really wouldnt have cared!!!!! there is so many emotions (fear, excitement, pain, ) that i was kind of out of it... i was also there when my sister had her baby and she didnt poo either...


Cara - March 4

I did and so did my sister. As they say Sh*t happens-ha! I didn't even eat for 12 hours before!!!


MandyD - March 4

Hey leslie! Girlfriend, don't even freak about it! I have heard that it is common too, but don't starve yourself! If you do, you will be DYING by the time you can eat again. My sister was starving when she finally was able to eat, and she ate the morning she went into the hospital. She didn't poo either when she delivered. And she also said she didn't care what happened or what anyone saw when she was layin on that bed - all she cared about was gettin that sweet little boy out! : )


chelle - March 4

my biggest concern on my 3rd childbirth is hemmerroids!!!! Embara__sing and painful!!!


leslie-rose - March 4



lyla - March 4

When I was about to go into labor, they gave me an enema. I felt kind of relieved to get it all out befor the baby comes LOL!


Billie - March 4

I know that going to the bathroom is supposedly the least of your worries in the delivery room, but I can't help but think about it. I have never even farted in front of my husband, how is he going to take it when I poop!!! How embarra__sing!!!! Not to mention, my mom and my mother in law are going to be in the room too!!! OMG!!!!


Ellie - March 4

I didn't, but was afraid I was going to. They kept telling me to "push, push, push", and I said, "NOOOOOOO, I'm gonna p**", and they said, "then p**." But I didn't. No kidding Billie, I haven't even farted around my man, let alone used the restroom for #2! How funny! Leslie, don't worry about it - there are so many other concerns during labor and delivery, I'm sure when the time comes you will care less, and will be more concerned about that sweet baby you will finally get to meet!!


leslie to elllie - March 4

LMAO, you are soo funnylol! I can imagine that already..I know that when time comes I am not going to care but right now I can't help it..


E - March 4

LOL Billie. I actually do not fart at all. I am one of the lucky women that has never farted and only started to poop last year. ROFLMAO.


ttc - March 4

I didn't either, But that is what it feels like when it comes time to Push, but it is the baby down there. I kept telling them i need to go to the bathroom and they said no hunny that is your baby. I made my hubby leave. I am very private about using the bathroom around hubby. He is also like that he couldn't even change a diaper or smell one for that matter without heaving. lol what a wimp.... He kept telling me all along he was not ging to be able to stay in the delivery room with me.... So i was uncomfortable knowing he was uncomfortable....I took my best friend in with me...She was a great help throughout the whole thing... Long story short take whoever you feel comfortable with Just in case it does happen...Because it often does..You probably won't even you know you did anyway or care for that matter....The nurses and doctor are very discrete and i am sure they have seen and smelled it all...LOL


Billie - March 4

I fart but only of my husband is not home. If I have to take a #2 I'll hold it until shower time. That way no one can hear anything and I can take as long as I want. LOL E, I hope my hospital offers an enema!!!!


leslie - March 4

Well I am not going to eat before labor, I am also asking for an enema, and I am not having no one in the labor room. the last one I decided since the then I will be 100% secure.


Billie - March 4

I have to have at least one person in there with me. I'm still pretty scared of the delivery part. With or without poop!


E - March 4

LOL Billie. You are exactly like me. I take an "evening shower" each night. Hub knows I am c___pping b/c he hears the toilet flush. I don't care if he knows I am pooping at this point. I will never fart. EVER. Besides, I can't.



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