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Marie - March 26

Is, it normal for one br___t to be sore and not the other?


Marie - March 26

BTW,I think I might be pregnant!


Maleficent - March 26

very normal. my left one has always been more sensitive then my right.


c - March 27

it is very normal. it is also normal for one to grow more than the other during preg.


D - March 28

Unfortunately... c is right. If you could see me, you'd see a prime example... my left is growing MUCH more quickly than my right.... I'm thinking I might have to buy two different sizes of bra, cut them in half and sew one of each together.....


Marie - March 28

Thank you.Oh, I'm sorry D.Their both sore now, they've been like this since day 20 and it's almost been nine stragiht days since they've been sore.This is very abnormal for me that's why I'm worried.I've been bloated,needing to go to the bathroom a lot,mood swings,fatigue,and needing to eat a lot and drink a lot of water.My period isn't due till April 6th or 7th.So,I'm worried!


D - March 29

Marie - thanks... On second thought, I might look better if I just get the bigger bra, and pad the right side! ;-)


me - March 29

one of my b___sts is much bigger than the other!its so embarra__sing!


Marie - March 29

It is my left b___st too! Damn, lefty's!


Sarita - March 30

I gotta bigger right one. Doc says its something to do with milk glands over producing during my first pregnancy. I just wear a bigger bra and pad one side. It sucks..but it comes with having a healthy baby. I have come to grips with the fact that my body is not, and will never be, that little firm, hot thing I toted around before having children, but I am glad to put on my skirted bathing suit and sun with the other mothers and yack about whos child has grown the biggest and who can read the youngest, etc. Its another step in womanhood for me and I accept it stretch marks, fat apron, crooked b___bies and all!!! lol



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