Normal Blood Pressure When 27wks Pregant

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soontobe6 - June 21

what is the normal range for 27wks along? i am normally 110/60 or 70 yesturday i was 112/ seems high to me


HannahBaby - June 21

There is no "normal" blood pressure at any time in pregnancy. 112/153 is elevated but obviously didnt concern the doctor. (ps. elevated blood pressure DOES NOT define preelcampsia, if thats what your worried about)


soontobe6 - June 21

i had 5 kids all ready but my pressure was always normal as be4 pregant until now.i am under stress with moving so that is why it is higher then normal i guess.for my size i was surprised that is all.i am only 133lbs at 27wks smaller then alot of ladie si know at this stage


CaliTrish - June 21

Are you sure you were 112/153 yesterday? It's kind of odd for your diastolic measurement to be higher than your systolic. Could it have been 112/53, which would be okay. However, if you got the flipped around, then yes your blood pressure was high. You want it to be 119/79 or lower. 140/90 or above is considered high. Anything in between is considered Prehypertension. Although obesity can lead to high blood pressure, it is not a requirement. Stress can have as much if not greater affect on your blood pressure as weight. Try to take little breaks during your packing/moving.


Lala - June 21

The normal BP during pregnancy is the normal anytime. And your BP cannot be 112/153. That's not possible. The top number (systolic) has to be higher.


soontobe6 - June 22

yes the top can be higher then mother in law has high one point her bottom number was higher then top.i remeber once after i had my 5th kid in 2004 i had a real high number after i had him.both number can go up


Tanna - June 22

if infact your bottom number were 153 that would be very very very high. Anthing over 80 is high to most. If your average has been 110/60 it sounds like maybe yesterday it was 112/53, and that is not bad at all. My last bp was 122/80, and I asked if it was too high and Dr. said "no, you've been in that range before."


lovemy3 - June 22

When i had my preeclampsia my bottom number approached my top number 150/120. that was dangerously high and I was very sick. Anything over 90 on the bottom needs medical attention absolutely.



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