Nose Bleeds

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monica - April 8

Are nose bleeds normal in pregnancy? I have gotten two already in the last month.


nhb - April 8

With my first pregnancy, I got at least 20 of them from the second trimester on; Probably an average of 2 per week, I'd guess. It was normal for me! Is your nose stuffy/runny too? I had that, so it was hard to sleep at night b/c I couldn't breathe through my nose. Pregnancy hormones increase all your mucus and blood flow, I think that's what causes the stuffiness/bloody noses, although I very well could be wrong ;-)


monica - April 8

yes my nose is stuffy and runny... I am having bad allergies.


nhb - April 8

Oh--well it may not be allergies, just pregnancy too--I have no allergies and had the same thing, or it may be a combination of both? If it gets bad, though, having them too frequently, or a lot of blood each time, I'd definitely ask the doctor--but if it's more sporadic and/or not a whole lot of blood, I just dealt with mine . . . While frequent, it wasn't a whole lot each time, so it didn't concern me that much; after delivery, I was fine!


monica - April 8

I am 23 weeks and it has happened only twice but in the last month. Both times in the morning and last for about 5 minutes.


sonia - April 8

Yes it normal


cheryl - April 9

It is because the skin in your nose is thinner, and you have a greater blood quant_ty. I had it nearly everyday in early pregnancy but now at 38weeks, I haven't had one in ages. The same happened to my pregnant friend. Goodluck!


amarie - April 12

what about in very early nose has been bleeding, but only when i b__w it...could this be another sign of pregnancy?


Karen - April 12

Yes its normal, I had two so far, one just this morning. I am in my second trimester.


Amanda - June 6

I am at week 27 and I have been getting quite a few as well.


Mauigirl - June 22

My doc said it's not always Normal and it can be signs of platelet disorders, I would request blood work if they are gushing and frequent. I have a low platelet count, found out yesturday.


s - June 22

monica, do you have the book "what to expect when your expecting" If not you need to get it. It's invaluable!!! Anyway it says that while nose bleeds may not be NORMAL persay, they are very common. I'm 28 weeks and haven't had one yet, but my nose is stuffy alot.


yup - June 22

Im 23 weeks weeks and get them a lot. Not neccasarily gushing out of my nose, but I b__w my nose a lot because of allergies so bloods always coming out.


LaChelle - July 25

It's not normal at all to have nosebleeds while you are pregnant. I think yall should all go to the doctor and get checked. Im 23 weeks and I havent had one!!!


Jodie - July 25

It is completely normal to have nose bleeds, just because someone doesnt get them doesnt mean they are abnormal. Hormones increase your blood flow while pregnant, this is why many women experience an increase in bodily secrections. LaChelle, by you saying its not normal because you havent had one is like is like someone who has never had morning sickness saying its not normal


Ebony - September 12

Hi I have a question I don't know if I'm pregnant or not my period is a week away but I feel some of the signs that I'm am I had a nose bleed, when I never had one before in my life, and I fell sick could I be pregnant?



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