Not A Pregnancy But Please Respond

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kari15 - April 26

Hi ladies....this question doesn't have to do much with pregnancy...i just need was my fiance and my 6 month anniversery......he took me out to eat and we just snuggled the whole day it was great....then i was checking my email and he asked me to check his....he had an e-mail from one of his ex's saying the hickey he gave her (which wasn't even on the neck) was still there....he then proceeded for an hour to deny this and finally fessed up.....i'm a mess i'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and we're supposed to get married in the beginning of june....i just don't know what to do? I am so upset......


Allie - April 26

Did he want to get caught? You would think he would know better than to have you check his e-mail if he is e-mailing with other women...I personally don't think I could ever forgive infidelity, but I know that some woman can. I have a hard time believing that if they have done it once they won't do it again (especially after being forgiven - they can see they won't lose anything from their behavior).


zoelouise - April 27

Well sounds as if he wanted you to find the email...thats what i think personally... Maybe he wanted you to find out but didnt have guts to tell you so he thought he would do it that way..i dont know been there before when i was expecting not nice..i forgave but he did it time n time again


zoelouise - April 27

Its not a nice situation to be in though kari??? Like did he have an excuses...???? I do feel for you i really do hun i've been there time and time again.... If you need to talk email [email protected] or add me on msn.... it's hard for you too being pregnant as your emotions will be all over the place what with a wedding planned too... but your not alone... ppl can try and help give you the best advice they can..but what is it you want?? whats your heart telling you??


corinne - April 27

My bf was talking to this one chick and I had a feeling something was going on well I threw all his clothes out in the middle of the floor and told him to leave after reading an email he had sent to her. We worked things out and I told him that if he ever talked to her again I'd be gone with our daughter. Well its been over a year and he hasn't spoken to her since. I know for a fact because I kept track of him if he went somewhere And I answered his phone so. I watched him lik a hound dog and now hes a good boy. But yet sometimes I still don't trust him even though he has proved he wont do it again.


sarahbaby11 - April 27

you have to decide how you feel about it. if it bugs you a lot as it would me then maybe you should wait to get married. tell him why and explain to him how it made you feel. try asking him to explain how he would feel if he found an email like that in your mail from your ex. chaances are if he truly is sorry and doesn't plan on ever doing that agin then he should undestand your point of view. just remember that the baby isn't a good enough reason to stay together...


Stace - April 27

OK First of all I'd want to know how far things went and I'd want to know his reasons why. Then I'd think long and hard about whether you can build on this and learn to forgive (you will never forget) You obviously have a child to consider in all of this aswell. Take your time and dont rush and perhaps make a rash decision you might regret. It might be worth you considering councelling if you truly want to make this work. I'd have to say I tend to agree with the others here that he wanted to be caught. Question is why? Was it guilt and he wanted to let you know so you could move on or does he want out of the relationship altogether? Only the two of you can work this out and I hope you do. Good luck!



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