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Shannon - March 21

I know women come to this site for help, but some of the ladies on here need to be more concerned with their health and the health of their unborn babies than if they will get stretch marks, if they are too young and so on! I learned the hard way what was more important...I was so worried what my body would look like and if I would get stretch marks and in the end I lost my baby! Just be thankful for the gift God has blessed you with and take care of yourself.


Amen - March 21

Amen ! preach, preach sister !


amanda.d - March 21

I totally agree, also just think of stretch marks as a gift for each and every wonderful child you have or may have.


?? - March 21

life itself is precious, but it is human nature to think/worry about superficial things like our appearance. just b/c someone thinks about stretch marks or age doesn't mean they don't know what's most important. i think we've all been guilty of worrying about things like that. i'm sorry about your miscarry. i, too have had one, so i know your pain. there is no reason to be 'annoyed' w/other people just because they ask questions about things they want to know. we don't HAVE to stick with serious subjects. so if you don't like a certain post, just go on to another question and please don't let it bother you. good luck with future pregnancy.


Just Me - March 21

I totally agree with ??. Everyone has their worries, every one of us has had them. We should all be here to help eachother regardless of how stupid someone thinks the question is. I agree - if you don't like the post, DON'T READ IT. Then again there are prople like Shannon who have to turn nothing into something negative. She's probbably a doctor or something thats why she doesn't have any stupid questions right??///?


amanda.d - March 21

just to clarify, i wasn't agreeing with the negativity of the comment just the worrying about stretch marks thing, if you get them just think about my above post, if not kudos to you, and yes its fine to think about such things because yes we all do, LOL.


Robyn - March 21

People do come to this site for help. Asking about stretch marks doesnt automaticly make you an aweful soon to be mother! Maybe someone out there has a remedy to share and just might be posting on this site. I am more concerned with the health of myself and my baby but you know what? I like to hear what people have to say about all the little things. This is my first pregnancy and I want to hear everyones opinion about everything. INCLUDING stretch marks and age. Why should it bother you, you dont like it...dont read it. I am sorry for your loss but dont a__sume everyone is just like you. Everyone on this site all want the same thing in one way or another and thats to get answers for anything that may concern them. If stretch marks and how to tell someone your pregnant is a concern of yours, ask away ladies! Some one will listen!


nicole - March 21

stretch marks and a question about being too young are perfectly viable posts to be on here. it doesnt mean that they care any less than the child on the way, and just bc u worried about those things doesnt mean that thats what caused u to miscarry or that those took precedence over ur baby. some people take pride in their bodies and simply want to know if its a new addition they should become accustomed to, some are probly told by everyone that theyre too young and not ready and now have that mindset but want an opinion from outside parties. if u have a problem with what people are asking then dont read them let them ask what they want it doesnt mean that theyre shallow or dont care about theyre baby.


Robyn - March 21

p.s. notice its General Pregnancy Questions. That isnt limited to anything hence...general....


Julie - March 21

We live in a society in which we are judged by the way we look. I think asking for advice on stretch marks has nothing to do with the love of God or our children. Stretch Marks are not a gift but a curse for some women. I don't think these women think that stretch marks are more important than healthy babies. Besides noone wants those ugly red marks on their belly it just happens.


to shannon - March 21

you just need to loosen up sister! thats my advice to you... what would be the point of these message boards if women can't post what they feel, whether that be stretch marks or something more serious? So please don't be sp Presumptuous to think that these women care more about their stretch marks then the health of their babies because THATS ANNOYING!!!!!!!


C - March 21

I agree with you ladies... Everyone comes here with one common gaol. Answers. I know that I have gotten FAR more information in asking questions or reading other posts from REAL life experiences than I have from the 10 minutes I spend with my dr each visit. There is a lot of reasurance in life experiences and I'm greatful for any advise no matter how stupid or selfish anyone else thinks it is. Keep up the good work ladies and I thank you!


Lovely - March 22

Thank God, that there is a forum, in which we can post-even anonymously- our questions. Serious, frivilous and the like. How wonderful, that as women, and a few men, we can come here, and not be judged when we are concerned if s_x will harm the baby, or if dying our hair will do the same, or... heaven's... if there's a way to avoid stretch marks! This is a place of comfort to most who post here, otherwise, we would go elsewhere. I never feel a question is 'stupid' because we have no idea where that person is posting from, or where they are in their life. What if you are calling a 17 year old girl, living in a country town, stupid, for asking something that she has no one else to ask. What if her mom died, and her dad is old fashioned? See? Or what if it's a 30 year-old, pregnant for the first time, after a miscarry, who just experienced her first severe cramping after orgasm! That could be frightening! Or, a woman who is estatic over being pregnant, but who models for a living, and needs to know about stretch marks! Everybody's question and concerns are valid and worthy of response. If 'superficial' questions bother you, perhaps you simply can't see other's point of views... in that case, you shouldn't be on an advice forum. You already know everything.


Tigerphoenix - March 22

So is asking for baby names one of those stupid questions? Asking about strech marks is not a stupid question. They are hard to get rid of and sometimes painful. They do have to do with pregnancy. It is just one of those things. What about swollen ankles? Sleeplessness (this to changes the way you look)? Dryness of skin? Are these stupid things to ask about. How do you know if cosmetic questions are all a certain person asks about? I agree with all the ladies who said if you don't like the question don't read it or reply. Same goes for any forum.


Billie - March 22

Well since I was the one who asked about stretch marks, I feel like I have to defend myself. First of all, I am very concerned about the health and well-being of my baby.\He's all I think about. When I don't feel him kick for a while, I freak out just like everyone else. I know for a fact that he is healthy. I have had u/s's and other tests to confirm that he is healthy. It took me a while to conceive this baby so of course I am concerned. Second of all, if I want to ask other women if they had gotten stretch marks, then that's my business. You didn't have to clink on the link the look at the question anyway. You could have skimmed right over that one. Also, if someone asked a question and I knew how to help or could give that person advice, then I'm gonna do it. That's the type of person that I am. I don't go around talking sh!# because this person is too young or this person wants to dye their hair or whatever. I'm so frickin' sorry that you took time out of your day to look at my stretch mark question but next time you read something that you didn't want to, keep your mouth shut!


You all are so funny and cute - March 22

I just wanted to say that I tried to get pregnant for 4 years and when I finally did, I got what I wanted, a little girl along with what I didn't want, stretch marks. When I noticed them I cried and threw a fit. But I wasn't going to stop having babies because of it. Oh, well, so I have the map of the U.S. and Uruguay on my abdomen, It's somethign I'll have to deal with. Now I am in my late 30's and have 4 healthy beautiful children, and my reward? A beautiful flat tummy with two perky b___bs. A gifr form my husband for also giving him 4 children he has always wanted. So have fun with your pregnancies, and your children. If you can trim your tummy the natural way, go for it, but if you're like me with no other ulternative, do whatever fits you best. But remember, there is not one product out here that will get rid of stretch marks. If your gonna get them, you will. And good luck to all you mommy's out there.


Shannon - March 23

Shannon, I just wanted to let you know that the "nice" ladies in this site are being mean to you on my tread (funny/wacky things). They think we are the same person because we have the same name ... and apparently they thing I am half the people that write comments in this site, too.



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