Not A Very Good Week

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Canadian - November 11

I'm not having a very good week this week. So far I have sneezed and peeded my pants once; then had a nose bleed and my right foot has been swollen... this is not such a fun week for me at all.


Cathy - November 11

I know how you feel. I'm sorry! Everytime I sneeze or cough or laugh for that matter I pee my pants. Thank goodness it usually only happens at home.


Canadian - November 11

It's awful isn't it? I was so thankful I was at home when it happened too..


Jbear - November 11

During my last pregnancy, if I felt a sneeze coming on, I would run to the toilet just in case. Check with your doctor about the swelling and nose bleed, because of blood pressure concerns. Hope you feel better soon...


Hi!!!! - November 11

When does the Peeing when you sneeze start (just wodering when i get to look forward to it)


Christi - November 11

Hi... I am going through the same thing. The right foot thing is weird... thats the foot I have problems with... it always swells first and gets the biggest. Weird... wonder if there is a reason behind that??? The nose bleeds... I get at least 1 a day. I think mine is mostly the weather changing and my horomones. My sinuses act up this time every year and with me being pregnant... its only worse. How far along are you? I am 22 weeks.


r - November 11

yes I had a cough that made me pee my pants thank god I was at home but I was getting ready for work and had to go change ha ha lol this is my 3rd pregnancy and that is the only time it has ever happened to me.....


Hi to Christi - November 11

I am also 22 weeks prego when are you due do you know what you are are having?


Vanaseregwen - November 11

I just LOVE my Poise pads!! I'm 32 weeks and I just got over a really bad cold. Good grief! I was changing myself more often then my son. Try laying on your left side and elevate your right foot over the level of your heart. The swelling should go down in about 15-20 minutes. Nose bleeds can be caused from all of the extra blood you now have pumping through your system. From what I understand, the right side swelling can be from laying on your back and right side. The main vein that carries your blood supply back to your heart is just to the right of your spine. The artery is to the left. Arteries have a higher pressure and don't get smashed as flat as veins do. Think of your pulse points and then think about the veins in the back of your hands. It doesn't hardly take any pressure to close off those veins.


Canadian - November 11

Hi Christi, I am 23 weeks. I go to my doctors next Friday for my monthly check-up and US and I'll ask then. I hurt that foot badly when I was a kid and I think that might be the reason why it swells first, I just noticed the other one is starting to as well. This happens in the evening so I guess this is normal... the fun times of pregnancy are starting for me! It was great up until then, not a blip on the radar screen I had. Oh well, these are not all bad considering how bad it could be!


lighter side of things - November 11

hey if you want why don't you come bumper riding with me my hubby and little Vanessa around Regina , we are just pa__sing through Bragg Creek , if you're on the way we can pick you up ...just me, wild and crazy


Canadian - November 11

Bragg better not hit that one spot where it's all rocks or you'll go flying. I would not mind stopping there and going to the candy store though..just me, Lisa.


Wild and Crazy - November 11

you mean the old guy who sells icecream too just down from the post office? oh wait a minute you're alot further east than that if you are the same Lisa I'm thinking of ie tidal bores and sharks ? I hope you're not the same person beause I just hate it when friends get all depressed


Canadian - November 11

I'm one the same...I've been having a really bad week. And my husband is gone all week on work and wont be back till this Wednesday. Between all that and being alone I'm kind of sad. I sat down last night watching TV and before I knew it I polished off a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream from baskins. Waaahhhh!


Wild and Crazy - November 11

oh lisa I'm so sorry but just think the end of the week is here . Elvis sang a song sayng 'I'm so lonely I could die' and Tanya Tucker says that balancing her career and to be with her family is maddening , I guess I'm in the same boat and so are many others with our loved ones being away from home so long ...lets all just go crash the Banff Springs Hotel and Party ... I'm guessing you're almost due ? you have to admitt sneezing and peeing your pants is pretty funny ?


Lisa - November 11

I'm only entering my 24th week! It was not pretty fun when it happened, but now I can laugh about it..:) I would LOVE to go to the Banff Springs and party with you. Let's go to the Rose and Crown and have many beers first; then head to the Chocolate Factory and gather somethings for later then get room service at the springs...nice! While our men watch the babies...even nicer! :o)


Lisa - November 11

P.S. I like the Hank Williams version of that song. :)



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