Not About Pregnancy Per Se Birth Controle Expireing

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Theresa - October 20

HI. When i went to the gyno in April he gave me 5 free packets of birthcontrole which i just finished. My mom picked me up a 3 month supply a few months ago to send to me when I was out of the 5. On all three packets the experation date is December 26th 2005. The first pack I will be taking for november. The secound for December, and the third all through January. My question is, on the end of the secound, and all through the 3rd pack of pills, does their effectiveness go down in preventing ovulation? Im not worried about pregnancy, but I couldnt find the answer anywhere else and this forum is wonderful. i guess im asking is, has anyone had anything negitive happen after taking expired pills? Thank you


mom42 - October 20

I don't know, but when mine expired in the past, I crushed them up and put them in house plants. I read that it worked better than miracle grow. I managed to kill them anyway-lol! Sorry I can't help, though.


Theresa - October 20

lol well thanks. Maybe ill try that sometime. Thanks anyway


tiffani~12 days to go!! - October 20

Hmm.... It's hard to say. I know i've taken expired medicine before and it worked just fine, but expired B/C pills, i'm not so sure about. I would venture to say they will work just fine (I mean, it's not like the pills know the date, right???) but when it comes to preventing an unwanted pregnancy, I don't know that I would take the chance. Maybe it's better to be safe than sorry in this case. :o)


Theresa - October 20

Probably right. Like i said im not worried about becoming pregnant [more then just pills for birth controle] but was curious if they could be bad in other ways. 12 days to go? Until your baby is born? Congrats!


a - October 20

In most cases, expirations (at least in the US) doesn't mean anything about effectiveness. It's more so about laws. That's why people go to Mexico for meds. They're usually just expired US ones so they're cheaper!



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