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Leahp - March 21

Hi ladies! I was wondering if anyone had a similar situation, I'm 14 weeks and still haven't gained an ounce, I've actually lost another 2 pounds. Everyone is telling me not to worry. I'm just now getting over my nausea and sickness, so maybe the weight gain will kick in, but I thought by now I would of gained a couple pounds! I eat when i'm hungry and I'm not an overeater, plus a very conscious eater, but I'm trying to take in more calories, nothing seems to work!!


amanda.d - March 21

i am the same way however i am only 8-9 weeks along, but with all my previous pregnancies i didn't gain until i was about 18 weeks.


Julie - March 21

I am in the same boat I gained 4 pounds and then lost 2 pounds. With my son i gained 20 pounds in the first trimester! This time I am 11 weeks and sick as a dog and am worried that I am not gaining enough weight or eating enough food.


Ash - March 21

Not to worry Leahp, I actually lost 15 pounds in the begining of my pregnancy and believe me I could not afford to lose that weight as I am very tiny to begin with. I looked so anorexic! It was because I could not keep any food down, however I am now 38 weeks and gained 40 pounds. So I wouldn't worry too much! I started to put on the pounds at around week 20. Good Luck!


~S~ - March 21

I'm the same way, I'm 17 weeks and I've lost weight - 8lbs to be exact. Although my body shape has changed, I don't look like I've lost weight, but that's what the scale at the doctors office told me. I asked my Dr if I should be worried about this? She said no, that it's not uncommon for mothers to lose weight or stay the same, especially if they are not increasing their apett_te. You're body needs an extra 500 calories per day, if you're eating the same as you did before you became pregnant, you'll probably begin to lose weight because your body is not getting enough calories. Makes sense to me and it's good to know that I have more room to eat =o)


karen - March 21

I was wondering the same thing I am 14 weeks also and my weight has been going up and down between 2- 3 pounds a week or every three days. Like you I eat when hungry and do not overeat. I also try to eat healthy for me and the baby. I think we gonna be ok and thank God in the long run when we no not have a lot of weight to lose after. Once the baby is healthy that is what matters


Kara - May 31

hey, im 17 weeks pregnant and i have only gained like 3 pounds but my belly is showing....i dont understand but my mom was telling me that there some people who are "all baby" and just gain the weight of the baby... my doctor dosent seem to worry about it yet so i dont think its a problem... kara E-mail me ---- [email protected]


Karen - May 31

I started out like you as well. My weight was going up and down 2-3 pounds a week and I was worried. I only gained about 5 pounds in my first trimester. I am now 23 weeks and have gained 13 1/2 pounds so far. Dont worry it will come on so enough. All the best !!


M - May 31

I'm 16 weeks and so far lost 2½ kilos. Else, I'm all healthy. Maybe it's because I'm not eating the usual 'unhealthy' foods :)


Carla - July 18

I'm 11 weeks along with my second pregnancy. I too have lost 15 pounds. I'm not experiencing morning sickness but I have no appet_te whatsoever, I have to remind myself to eat. The Dr. doesn't seem to worried, saying that it could be due to healthier eating habits, decreased soda intake, and more exercise and that I will start gaining eventually.


jb - July 18

Oh shut up!! JUST KIDDING. I am just jealous b/c I will be probably be a whale at 14wks. I am only 10 wks now and havent really gained anything but I eat alot. I try to eat healthy but it doesnt always happen. ;o)


Lissi - July 18

I was the same and ate more and more food to compensate, because I was worried I wasn't getting enough calories. I needn't have worried though. As soon as I got to about 21 weeks, the weight started to pile on. I now regret eating too much at the beginning of pregnancy, because I'm now 33 weeks and so fat and heavy, I find it hard to walk. My ankles and feet have swelled up like balloons, and I know the extra weight isn't helping. It's going to take me at least a year to shift it. I'm even too embarrased to tell you how much I've put on so far! Don't worry about it. Just eat healthily. - July 18

I eat like a BIG OL PIG !!!!!! At the beginning I lost 15 pounds. I started at 167, and now weigh 156.... My belly has gotten so much bigger so apparently I'm losing weight in OTHER parts of my body and gaining it in the belly. Check out the new site I made ... might help you with "am I big enough" but remember we all get bigger at different rates.



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