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sad - October 28

h__lo, we have been trying to get pregnant since august, at first i was keeping trcak , but then i was told to just relax,so i tried that, but everytime i get my period, i am 22, he is 25 i thought this would be first time thing,since we're both young and healthy,but it's not hapening, we try to have s_x every other day, i mean this month i am early THAT SUCKS TOO!!! i can't even figure out when i ovulate!! what is going on!!???


angel_one - October 28

sad welcome to ttcing!, we are well now 21 and 24 and are ttcing our 2nd child and have been since feb!, and with our first baby it took us just under a year! it just sometimes don t quite work out the way you want , my best friend rang me the day she found out she was pg, and im like wow (thinking accidents happen and shes like we only decided to start trying this cycle! its just the way things are some have no problems and some just take time, whats worse is i know when im ovulating, (this time round any way) and have known so for the last 3-4 months and i still arent pg!!!.


Viv - October 28

I suppose hoping that your early period is implantation is asking too much. If you can't figure out when you ovulate, maybe you aren't. Have you tried the TTC tricks like tracking your basal temp and following cervix changes? Anyway, four months is not unusual to get pregnant at your age, and the docs say keep trying for a year before you get worried. I have a few links of interest at


Shannon - October 28

Give it time...I went off the pill and expected to get pregnant right away because I'm 20 and so is my husband and I just thought healthy young couples didnt have to TRY, but it didnt happen for about 4 months....I just found out 2 days ago that I'm expecting! I was shocked because I always thought I would just KNOW I was pregnant. I had no clue, no symptoms and even found out a whole week before my period is due. I used the dollar tree pregnancy test "New Choice" and a few others just to make sure I wasnt crazy and all 5 came pack postive! I NEVER thought I would get pregnant. I will happed. Just relax and have fun trying! Good Luck!


ana - October 30

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... Ask me to [email protected]



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