Not Looking For Critisism Just Thoughts

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Katie - February 22

I was wanting to get some opinons on what you think about women who are pregnant and smoke pot? I stopped smoking pot after being 6 weeks into my pregnancy but i was wondering what other people thought about it. i have heard things about like ADD coming out of it down the road and things like that. What do you think?? Any Inputs are welcome! Thankyou


S- - February 22

If you're pregnant you shouldn't be smoking anything! I wouldn't take that kind of chance.


Dan - February 22

I understand your dilemma. I too am a smoker and my wife the occasional smoker, but as soon as she even thought about trying to get pregnant (off of the pill) she stopped and graciously allowed me to continue to smoke (not in her presence though) Anyway, I know smoking is a good way to get rid of the stress that acc_mulates through out the day and relax, but how enjoyable would smoking even be if you are paranoid the whole time that you are baked that you are probably causing your baby harm? I know that you'll miss it (I know I will) but you should refrain from smoking while you are pregnant for the health of your baby. My baby gets here in 5 months, and when its here there will be no more smoking for me either because no longer will my actions and decisions only be affecting me, but my baby as well. Good luck.


Sm - February 22

I've know friends who said it's ok to smoke in the beginning of the pregnancy but not towards the end. I always try telling them it's worst in the beginning b/c thats when all it's organs are forming. Towards the end is when it's features come more into play. Regardless anyways it's bad. Good luck if you smoke while your pregnant, A baby dosent deserve to come into this world if it's mom cant even take care of herself for 9 measly months... Their are hundreds of couples who cant conceive and they would love a child and would never put their baby's health at risk (but im not criticizing you)


P - February 23

I worked with two women who both smoked pot throughout their pregnancies and then some. All of their offspring are dolts. One of the women actually said "I smoked through the whole pregnancy and my kid turned out fine". The kid has a severe learning disability. This, of course, may have been inherited from his idiot mother but you never know. Smoking anything while pregnant is really just gross.


tiffani - February 23

I would say it's a risk NOT worth taking.


tara - February 23

scientifically there isn't enough information gathered to prove what effects smoking pot has on pregnant mothers and thier babies. But to me it's not a risk worth taking; you can never predict what the out come may be.


rosie - February 23

why would even think about it its your baby how would you feel if it was trun the other way around and your mom was doing it to you and you came out with learning disability or something else and people teased you for it .which it wasn't yor fault but your mothers thats not fair isn't


E - February 23

~m~ - you are making it sound like fun!! :)


Katie - February 23

thankyoy for all of your inputs. That is why i stopped as soon as i found out i was pregnant. i just wanted to see other peoples views! Thanks for sharing and ~m~ you have a very good point!!!!!!!


~m~ - February 23

Katie, I'm very proud to know you stopped for now. I wish you the best of luck girl!!


for ~M~ - February 24

that was a brilliant reply, you made my day and put a smile on my face.


rose - February 24

i know a girl who smoked pot throughout her pregnancy... her baby was born premature and although she is doing okay now she dosnt seem to have a very good immune system(always sick) who knows if the pot caused it or not, but i believe it could have and thats good enough for me



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