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ally - February 24

this isnt really a question, i just wanna tell somebody i thought i was pregnant and im not. i want to cry. i was scared at first but then i got excited and planned what i was going to do and how to tell my parents and everything.. (im only 16).. i had everything figured out, i was going to quit school to get a job and work day and night. i was going to take 2 years off school and then go back to school when my baby is older.. i was going to send him/her to childcare while i was at school, as the goverment could help me with childcare as long as i go back to school. i told one of my friends, and she told my other friends and they were all happy to help. one if them said that if my parents get upset i can move in with her.. (shes really rich) they all wanted to be godmothers and they were all willing to get jobs to help support me, and they meant it, two of them already applied for a job. i had people who wanted to give me things that i need and everything.. then i went to the doctor to confirm it 100% and the pregnancy test must have been wrong becos theres no baby. i am devastated and to are my friends.. i was starting to look forward to this baby.we had names picked and everything.. which was kinda stupid since we only knew for 2 weeks, but everyone was so excited.. oh well i guess it was all for the best. i just cant stop thinking about it and dreaming about it..


To Ally - February 24

I admire you for planning ahead like that. Don't get too discouraged though (I know it is hard) but maybe this was a blessing in disguise. It gave you a quick shot of reality of how much work you would have to put into it to have a baby at this point in your life. Maybe it will work out for the best that you wait until you are a bit older and more settled in life. Your day will come and though it is sad, frustrating and hard for you now, I'm sure you will appreciate waiting until later in life to have a wee one to support. Best of luck to you in the future.


candy - February 24

i know how you feel, i just tested the other day and found out that i wasnt preg and i was disappointed, but look at the bright side, youre only 16 and youve got a lot of time ahed of you to think about things like that. i think next time you should be more careful and when you are older and more established you will be able to enjoy it more since you wont have to make so many sacrifices. i know it seems like you had it all planned out , but trust me, i know some people that got pregnant in high school and it wasnt easy. and your friends cant be there always, im pretty sure they wont stick with you in the long run, im sure they may be there for suppport, but once they saw how much responsibilty it was they woud back off. just remeber that you still ahve a lot of time ahead of you and there are alot more things you have to look forward to in life other than a baby. get all of that outy of the way, live your life some more and then you can become a mother later on when you have had more life experiences. so i know youre dreaming about it, once that thought is in your mind its hard to get out, but its probably best that it stays a dream for now. this is a blessining because now you dont have to quit high school which is great because once you stop its hard to go back and plus once you finish high school and get a colllege degree, you can make alot more money so when you do become a mommy you can buy lots more things to spoil your little one.


P - February 24

I'm sorry you're so sad but maybe you could use this to prepare for when you are a little older and ready to start a family. I'm 34, single, have a job that I hate but it pays well, own my house, have family and friends to support me and still I'm freaked about whether or not my baby will have a good life. I'm a__suming you are in the US? That means you also have to think about medical insurance and stuff like that. I'm in Canada so that's not even an issue for me. I regret not going to university everyday. The best thing for you to do for your baby is to do what's best for your future. Sounds like you have some really great friends, but the novelty of the situation wears off pretty d__n fast too. Read some of the other posts on this site and see if you really think you'll be able to work day and night. Being pregnant is exhausting even for a 16 year-old.


ally - February 24

no im in australia.. we have free health care here. the government will help me with health care etc n i can get single parent benifits and unemployment befifits but i would have only applyed for them if i really needed it... my cousin my age is pregnant also so yea she was excited as well cos we could talk n do stuff together but anywayz... i gotta stop thinking about it cos im getting really depressed about it.. im still in school yes but thats not even where i wanna be at the moment, i could have gone back in a couple of years mayb with a new outlook on life and enjoy it more.. anyway thanks girls for helping me..


candy - February 24

how common is teen pregnancy in australia?


WHat ? - February 24

Ally, it is good u were planning ahead for ur baby, but nowhere in the post did u mention the baby's father.Does the "sperm donor" know about the wonderful plans u were making ? Anyway...just a thought.Use protection next time ! Again, just a thought.....


elizzabeth- - February 24

well ally I am only 19 and am pregnant and its a very nice feeling but I have to tell you that where I was living for 9 yesars, most of the girls have babies by the age of 18 and let me tell you its very nice but at the same time very sad because they don't get to acomplish something in life you will go to that town and see all this young mothers with kids some with dads some without and its not nice to see that they are never going to leave that place because they don't know any better. please think about what happened to may be a sign!!


mature thought - February 24

i am a blunt person but please dont get offended. first off you are to young to be making these types of plans. you didnt mention no father and you mentioned friends. one day your friends will grow up and have responsibilities of their own. yes they will help you but when the time comes you'll be on your own. im not being harsh but i feel you should prepare yourself in a different manner. try graduating school and going to college. get a degree in something that you like and that will economically stabilize you and your baby. please try to use protection for now on. in your heart i know you want the best for your baby but your planning it all at the wrong time.


Holy moly - February 24

I think you should be thanking your lucky stars. I was 29 when I got pregnant(by choice) husband, job, house and college education. You cannot even imagine the responsibility involved in raising a child. It's day in day out. It's wonderful,but when you are at a mature age when you can handle it. Enjoy being young and carefree. There is time in the future for "grown up" responsibliities.


Who cares - February 24

Ally, if u want to nurse carry on playing with ur dollies and in a few years, when ur ready, u can then nurse for real, with a real baby !


P - February 24

Don't be such an ignorant a__s "who cares". If you don't care, p__s off and keep your comments to yourself. We care. That's why we're offering our honest opinions.


ally - February 25

i hope you learn from this experince and quit shchool that is not a fesiable aswer do you know that you will never be able to get a decent job with a college education which can not happen if you don't finish high school. please do not think i am mean i have been there and still am only in college and not hig shcool



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