Not Recommended To Eat Peanuts Of Any Kind While Pregnant

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ALONDRA - June 20

It has been reported in the news this morning that eating peanuts or products containing peanuts is VERY BAD WHILE PREGNANT! (your child may go nuts aprox. 2 years after being born!) also 99% of people confuse this with what they call THE TERRIBLE 2's!!


steph - June 20

Ooops!! I've just had my third handful...I'm a__suming we'll be ok. I ate nuts and craved guiness all through my first 12 years ago and my son is a grade A child and not nuts!!! I hear though that you shouldn't eat nuts if you are prone to allergies in case it's pa__sed on....but then again women have been having babies for thousands of years and have eaten far worse..moderation I reckon x x x


lol - June 20

too friggin funny! Our country has become obsessive compulsive then! I love peanuts and if I cant have my peanut b___ter then I guess I will starve..


BBK - June 20

Ah! The great "peanuts while pregnant debate"! Well, it seems those favorite beer snacks got scientists scratching their heads. Nobody can say for sure they are safe or unsafe and there have been studies proving both. If you have nut allergies, obvioulsy you should avoid them. You should also avoid them if you are really cautious, but as far as I know they are actually good for you if you're not alergic to them.


steph - June 20

ha ha. Yep. I read somewhere that you should stay away from peanuts if you are allergic...which made me lol cos if anyone HAS had a reaction I'm sure they dont need telling to stay away!!! A near death experience is message enough...made me chuckle x x xx x x


A - June 20

peanuts contain protien...there are healthy...many people will and should continue eating them.


Jodie - June 20

Sounds like a load of c___p to me


BBK - June 20

Peanuts are also a good source of folate (folic acid) which along with protein, are of great importance during pregnancy. Folic acid can prevent a number of birth defects.


E - June 20

You are supposed to stay away from allergenic foods if you have allergies of any kind. This was a unanimous agreement from medical doctors in the allergy/asthma lab that I worked in. That is if you want to err on the safe side. Peanut allergies are so deadly, that is why people make such a huge deal out of it. Also, peanuts are found in foods that do not always disclose this fact. Imagine having an allergic child, and having to constantly worry about him asphyxiating from a peanut. I don't know why pregnant women are so obsessed with fighting the fact that some women should steer clear of certain things while pregnant.


J - June 20

Well I've been eating peanut b___ter all the time. I never avoided them with my first pregnancy and my son is fine.


E - June 20

J - I think you missed my point. I did not say all pregnant women should avoid peanuts, nor did I say all pregnant women with allergies (who eat peanuts) will pa__s a peanut allergy along to their child. Personally, I would feel safer drinking wine while pregnant than eating a food as allergenic as peanuts happen to be.


E - June 20

I need to add this - of all the children with peanut allergies, most do not have parents with this same allergy. The fact that you do not have a PA, does not mean the proteins in the peanut are not allergenic to your fetus.


Stupid - June 20

Haha! That's so funny! I heard the same thing about drinking beer and smoking too! It IS a lot of c___p. I'm on my 5th gla__s of wine and my 3rd joint today and I'm sure my kid is fine. We all need to stop worrying about everything. Scientists talk a lot of S***T right? What do they know? I'm sure we know best. =)


Nick - June 21

I have seasonal and pet allergies so I try not to eat peanuts, however sometimes I forget. I don't like peanut b___ter, so this isn't a difficult food to stay away from for me.


Lesley - June 21

Soon enough there is gonna be nowt left to eat while you are pregnant. The only foods I do avoid is liver, soft cheeses and raw eggs. Everything else they tell me not to eat I eat. Why should I stop eating foods I enjoy cos some research shows it has harmed someone else? I am on my 3rd pregnancy, eat what I want all throughout each pregnancy and it hasn't affected me or the kids yet. - Are they trying to say that if you don't eat peanuts your child wont go through their terrible twos! That's c___p. My best mate is allergic to nuts so she can't eat anything that even may contain traces of it. Her daughter went through the terrible twos. They tell you anything these people!


shiloh - June 21

the pregnant women on this forum are so dumb. I would be sad to have most of you as mothers. You care more about yourselves and making sure that nobody tells you what to do than the health of your child.


geez! - June 21

people this was supposed to be a silly joke only!, no reason to get mad! baby dust to everyone and Good luck! :)



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