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Gina - May 23

I am 5 wks pregnant. I was seeing a guy and had s_x with him on the first day of my last period. Which was on the 13 We didn't use a condom... We broke up and I met someone else, and had s_x with him the day after my period which was on the 18th. Again, i didn't use anything. Now I have a problem. i dont' know who the dad could be. Im confused because I always thought the most fertile time was 14-16 dyas after your period. But I got pregnant on either the 13th or the 17 th. How is this possible?


to gina - May 23

i wish that i had an answer for you. i ended up getting pregnant 4 days before my period, and was completely unaware of it until i was already 5-6 weeks along. some women just do get pregnant at weird times. have you asked your doctor what their thoughts are. you might have to end up doing a paternity test just to determine who the father both men know that you are pregnant, or have you not told them yet?


Gina - May 23

I haven't asked yet, but im definitly going to next visit. Because this is just so strange. And yes both men do know that im pregnant.


p - May 23

Im not totally positive, but I dont think you can get pregnant on the first day or any day for that matter when you have your period. 4 days after your period is definatly possible though.


Audrea - May 23

Did you have s_x with the first guy before the time that you had s_x with him on the 13th? Either way, looking at the dates, it seems more plausible to have gotten pregnant by the first guy. As a woman, we can ovulate at any time, but our internal clock usually keeps us on track. There are many factors that can cause ovulation to occur at the wrong time. Stress is the number one factor to change ovulation dates, hormones off balance, and many other,too many to name.


gina - May 24

yes i did have s_x lots of times with the guy from the 13th, but it had been weeks and weeks before that. Like around easter. it just seems to me that both times are really wierd. and I can't see how i could get pregnant at any of those times. And those are the only times i' had s_x. the 13th and the 17th. its weird.



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