Not Sure If Actually Pregnant Please Help

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TaraM - February 3

Hi there i seen these sites and wondering if anyone around here can help. Me and my husband are ttc and i decided to take a preg test 3 days before af and it actually came out positve. not faint clear but then not to dark i could hold my hand out and still see the line. So then i called the number on the first response they told me several times regardless how light the line is that it was positive. So then i decided to do another test the next morning i could not go to the bathroom so i drank two glasses of water then did the test the line appeared but faint. Then i called the number again the nurse stated that the line was so faint because i diluted everthing. That afternoon i went to the doctor and had blood work, the test came back incomplete it showed a 7. he told me to come back in a week. In that time af was suppose to come and she did but very different than usual. nothing to speak of just spotting. then i returned to the doctor for my test the next week and blood work came back negative. i still suspect i am preg because i never had headaches in my life and currently are starting to have them. also have deep blue lines in br___t, feel sick but not actually thowing up. so i am pretty confused and am not sure if i am and the hcg is just not that high. If anyone has had an experience like this please tell me about it. Or if anyone has an opinion I would really like to hear it. Thank in advance for you help!!!! please send baby dust my way.


TaraM - February 3

Sorry and also if I am preg i would be around 5 weeks. Thanks


to taram from DESIRE - February 3

ITS going to be alright. I am currently 12 days late today, and if I am. I also would be 5 1/2 weeks going to 6 weeks. And my appointment is not until feb 8th. So keep me posted and baby dust is around the corner from you!!


TaraM - February 3

Well it's nice to see there is some nice people around here i've been in a couple sites where people are getting offended and insulting people. Which I don't want to be part of thanks for the information and I'll keep you posted.and i am sending you ****baby dust***good luck...


Rachel - February 4

I really don't have an answer for you but I wish you luck. I've heard of stranger test results when there was a pregnancy so hang in there :) Let us know what happens.


bec - February 5

hi. i did a test 2 days before i was due on an it was a faint positive.i did another test day after i was due on an it was 5 weeks now wiv headaches an feeling sick just like u but havnt been sick going to the doctors on 10th feb.


Kitkat - February 5

Hi Tara, it is a bit strange that the blood results came back negative. I relly have no answer for you, but I'd say if your af doesn't come in a week ask the doctor to repeat the blood test. I agree with the rest - if the First response came out positive, then you should be pregnant... Good luck! Kitkat


Tara M - February 13

My af is due on 02/19/05 so we will see then but i actually fell great the last week. I just can not understand how the test came out positive. Well we tried again this month so we'll see what happens and i"ll let you all know thanks for all the advice and opinions.



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