Not Sure If I M Pregnant

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"a little worried" - June 30

I've never been pregnant before and I've had two negative pregnancy tests. But I'm spotting and this is the second time and 2weeks after the first time followed by period. Not normal for me. I'm not supposed to get period for 2 weeks and I just started on the pill after the "last" one. Any advice?


jb - June 30

Hmmm.... Maybe wait a week and test agian. I have given that advice before but that is the only thing I can think of in your situation. Probably best would be to call a Dr soon and try to figure out whats going on.


a little worried. - July 1

I don't really have the time to go to the Dr. I'm afraid I'll just end up getting another neg. test and they'll look at me funny for bothering with it. My periods are usually heavy and the fact that the last one was light spotting most of the week and then regular for 2 days then spotting again and now I'm spotting again this whole week and it's only been one week since my period. I do feel tired and have to take naps when I get home don't feel well but when I read through here I don't get those other symptoms like "feeling pregnant." Just some dreams about being preg. but I think it's just worry.


jean - July 1

you may have a hormone imbalance. Keep track of it for a couple months, writing down the details (color amount, etc) and show it to your doc. My cycles were so wacky and it ended up I had low progesterone and needed to go on clomid to get pregnant.


a little worried - July 1

thanks. I'm pretty sure I'm not preg. I just took another one of those home preg. tests. Now I'm just wonderin what the heck is goin on.


tizwoz - July 16

Hi was wondering if you found out what the cause was. I am spotting and have no clue why, my last period was very light compared to usual and only lased 2-3days if that compared to my usual 5-7. and im spotting now only 3weeksish after. At first i thought pregnancy but confused cause spotting is usually around the time of ur next period, didi atest anyway came back negative so im baffled never spotted inmy life.



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