Not Sure If I M Pregnant Confused

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kristinarene - January 27

I'm not sure if I'm pregnant but I have a feeling I am. I have missed 4 period, currently my 5th and am feeling "twitches" in my lower abdomen. But i have also failed 3 urine tests at the doctors. I went in today for another test(which i miraculously failed) and the doctor decided to do a "finger test" where she felt my ovaries to make sure they were of size. What I'm so confused of is that I have miscarried before, from low hormones. I'm wondering if maybe i am preg but the hormones just won't show that i am? I'm taking vitamins just to be safe....any opinions?


momma3tobe - January 27

That's a tough one and probably best answered by a doctor, have they done an ultrasound to see if there is a baby? What about an ectopic pregnancy? I think you should ask the doctor to do more than just a urine test and basic exam since that obviously isn't answering any questions. Ask for an ultrasound and maybe a hormone panel... you need to know why you've missed so many periods even if you are not pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - January 27

Surely if you are several months pregnant you would have more signs to talk about, and the doctor would have felt something when she didd an internal. Ectopic becomes major at 8 to 10 - weeks, so it is not likely to be that. The main unanswered questions are "what are the twitches and where are your periods?" What explanation did the doctor give? Good luck!


Shannon - January 28

i agree that you need to do somethign more than a urine test! i think there are blood tests. 4 months is a lot!


kristinarene - January 30

I do have other symptoms but I didn't write about them.. I have nauseous feelings randomly through the day, mood swings, sore b___bs, I have spotted 3 times during the first 3 months (and i mean spotted, wasn't even enough for a tampon) and fatigue. Also, I have been pregnant before like i said earlier, but I have a feeling that i am.. you know how sometimes you just know? I have asked for a blood test but my doctor wouldn't authorize one for pregnancy. She says the urine test is as accurate as the blood? I have been told different by others though..


emunah - January 30

I would schedule an ultrasound to see what is going on. You must be going nuts being in limbo like this. I have a friend who always fails urine tests with pregnancy. A good doctor should be able to tell if you are pregnant just by feeling your abdomen. Good luck


big belly - January 30

If you go to the er and tell them you are not getting periods and get some pains in your abdomen they will do a blood test and an ultrasound. If you have missed 4 periods you surley will see something. Good luck.


AmySmoak - February 2

In my first pregnancy I was over 7 weeks pregnant before I got a positive blood and urine test. I have read that some women never show HCG in urine and bllod and only an ultrasound will show pregnancy. Good Luck. But, I do know what your going through and it is tough! But sometime when you just know!



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