Not Sure If Pregnant Or Not

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Donna Nicol - March 13

I'm having a little problem myself. Came off the pill last June and since then my period has been all over the place, 2 2 7 days late was the last 1 that was late in Dec. My period in Jan this yr was fine and normal. Now i was 2 strat my period on the 1st of this month, but i was 10 days late, i started on the 11th day. I didn't have a period for 31 days a month and this period dosen't feel rite 2 me at all, i had 2 very lite cramps the other day and that was it. The bleeding is the lightest it has been every, no clotting and it's strating 2 slow on the 3rd day. I'm getting woried i am not sure what 2 do. My partner and i r trying for a baby. But i'm scared that i've got something wrong with me and not sure what 2 do.


Jezebel - March 13

theres nothing to do but test.


Grandpa Viv - March 13

Another candidate for Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charting to see if you are indeed ovulating, and when. Try but take a Dollar Store test first morning pee this weekend just to make sure you are not already on your way. Good luck.


Donna Nicol - March 14

I've been doing the BBT for a few months and my temp is nearly all over the place, i take it at 6am every morning. I took it the day before i came on and it was 96.3 and then the day i came on it was 97.5 and it stayed that way for 2 days then dropped bk down 2 96.7. i don't have a clue in what is going on. it all seems werid 2 me, this time round and i'm not sure if i'm reading to much in 2 it.


Jezebel - March 14

temps that low are definitely NOT indicative of pregnancy...your temp drops that low sometimes just before and definitely during af, if you are having ovulatory cycles...that being said, its not the temps themselves that matter so much as the pattern they in a couple of weeks when the temp goes up again you will have ovulated...what you are looking for is a sustained higher temps that generally dont fall below the 'coverline' again. a single dip after o may reflect implantation or be nothing at all but if your temp stays raised 18 days or more past o then pregnancy is a strong consideration. good luck.



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