Not Taking Pre Natal Or Iron Pills

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Lucy - February 26

Hi Ladies, I'm bit worried because I'm 12 weeks pregnant and don't take my pre natal pills on a regular basis. I skip here and there because I've been extremely nauseous and can't keep anything in my stomach when I take them. Should I be worried? Should I talk to my doctor about it? What do you all think? Am I I taking a risk with the health of my unborn child? Please help!


maren - February 26

well im not sure if you are or are not what did you doctor say they will know a lot better than us. I didnt really start taking prenatal vitamins untill i was like 16 weeks but even then i was not taking them everyday. And at my 20 week ultra sound everything was healthy and looking good.


Tanna - February 26

I recently learned that if you do not tolerate your prenatal vitamins well you should at least try to take a folate pill. Suggest this to your Dr. and maybe that will suffice you until you are no longer so sick.


SHelly - February 26

well i would try to take them everyday if possible, i know i didnt like taking my pills because i have the hardest time getting them down without choking. It was bad! I have to admit i did skip some days, but i did make sure i ate well. I had my son a month ago and he is great. But i did notice when i didnt take my iron pills when i went into my appointments one time my dr. said i was a little anemic, so i made sure after that i took them everyday. i made sure i took them for my son not just for me. Also before i got my pre natals i was drinking ensure drinks called healthy mom, you could find them in the baby care section or next to other ensure products. They are drinks that provide additional nutrients you need during pregnancy


agtemt - February 26

Im currently pregnant with my 3rd and with my first 2 pre-natals made me sooooo sick i couldnt take them. My doc tried several different pre-natals to see if that would help but they all made me sick. With this one the doc decided to not even try again just told me to try and take a multivitamin and gave me folic acid to take every day. Now when the others made me sick i didnt take any kind of subst_tute, just tried to eat really well, and both babies were big and healthy. First was 8lbs second 8lbs 5oz and no complications/health problems with either. Good luck and hang in there.


Olivene - February 27

I am American but living in Japan. I got a pre-natal vitamin prescription form my doc in America when I was home for Christmas, but my Japanese doctor doesn't want me to take them. The whole country has healthy babies without them. I still try to take mine( they do give me headaches), but I wouldn't worry too much!


Tanna - February 28

I think Japanese people in general eat more healthy than most Americans. That's probably why they do not see a need for prenatal vitamins.


smanderfield - February 28

if you are nausious, tell your doctor and start taking different pills... your baby needs them... otherwise bite the bullet and deal with it... i was very sick the first 4 months of my pregnancy but i took the pills regardless...i'm also anemic and i need iron....those are no picnic either, but i need them and will deal with them


Steph - February 28

If your not taking them on a regular basis, your baby will be fine. Your baby is taking all the nutrients and vitimans that he/she needs from you. If you are not taking your prenatals, just make sure that you are eating healthy foods.


agtemt - February 28

Smanderfield: if you just "deal with it" and are throwing up all the time your baby isnt getting the nutrients from the vitamins or food. Its not in your system long enough to get to the baby. Also you risk loosing weight which is bad too. I would not suggest just dealing with it at all.


Lynne - February 28

The baby needs folic acid during the early stages of pregnancy to help with development. You need to at least take that supplement or find out what foods have high levels of folic acid in them that you can tolerate. The risk is of a neural tube defect in the child if they do not get a good level of the folic acid. Also, are you eating anything when you take the vitamin? One thing I stopped doing was taking the vitamin first thing in the morning. I would wait until lunch and take it with food, that helped me a lot. I wouldn't say you are taking a risk but it would be better to somehow be able to take the vitamin. If you just cant, then make sure you eat very healthy. Congrats on your pregnancy.


Vicki915 - February 28

Lucy, although I did not have nausea at the beginning of my pregnancy (I am 37 weeks) I really did not feel good eating anything. My sisinlaw told me it was probably because I would take my pre natal pills in the morning. So what I started doing was taking them right before I would go to bed at night. After I started doing that I felt better. I would keep my pre natal pills on the night stand right next to me that way when it was time to turn off the lamp I would see them and remember. It could be that I was one of the lucky few who did not have nausea or vomitting. But it doesn't hurt to try taking them at night.



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