Not That This Is About Pregnancy But

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Laura - April 27

Does anyone know who got voted off American Idol? Sorry I have to ask


Maleficent - April 28

constatine was the one to go. bummer. he was FAR from the best, but better than at least two others who are still there. oh well. at least i won't have to look at his greasy hair anymore.


chel - April 28

I can't believe that Scott is still there. I just can't stand him.


d__n it! - April 28

I TiVo'd it. But constantine was a bit cheesy. I think the blond is gonna win.


Kerry - April 28

It's Scott's time to go. He is out of his league. I really thought that he would have been gone last night.


a - April 28

scott should have gone a long time ago. what is keeping him there? he shouldnt even be in the top 12


jena - April 28

i can't stand Scott! ah, he drives me nuts. I love Bo and Carrie - last night Pamela Anderson was there and she said in her household they like "the blonde and the rockers". I'm bummed Constantine left - he is way better than Scott (and Anthony).... thanks for the 30 seconds away from thinking about my pregnancy and feeling sick! :)


Laura - April 28

Yeah Scott should not be there and neither should Anthony. They sound so whinny when they sing. I think Bo at least contributes something new to the show.


Stephanie - April 28

I think that Bo should win....


ekay - April 28

Constantine kinda creeps me out. Kinda looks like he wants to mount the camera with all those seductive looks he throws around. I don't really keep up with the show so don't dog pile me. That's just my opinion from about 2 shows.


lol - April 28

bye-bye constantine! Not the best, but how are anthony and scott still there?


monica - April 28

I must be the only one that likes Scott I actually think he has a good voice. Constantine was too dramatic for me. I dont like the blond girl or Vonzell they just dont do it for me. I do like Bo but he will succeed even if he doesnt win.


tiffani~ edd 11/07/05 - April 28

I like Carrie, the blonde girl and Vonzell. I also really thought Anwar (kicked off) had a great voice. Scott, Anthony, and the 2 rockers kind of bore me. Just my opinion. :o)


to ekay - April 28

you may have only watched 2 episodes, but you got the correct creepy vibe :) i'm glad no one has gotten mad about this non-pregnancy related topic! i love it!


jena - April 28

p.s. this morning on the news (Good Day LA - not really "news") they announced that Bo's girlfriend is pregnant!! Now I like him even more :). Baby Bice is on the way - haha :)


~SB~ - April 28

I predict the top three will (and should) be...Carrie, Vonzelle, and Bo!


Laura - April 28

Constatine did look like he wanted to hump the audience. It was kind freaky. He did have a decent voice though.



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