Nothing Tastes Right

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April - October 26

I am 8 wks and have this sour taste in my mouth and nothing taste good. now i have a white rash on my tongue.


Viv - October 26

A metallic taste is a frequent complaint. The white rash sounds like a doctor call unless someone else can come up with an answer. Yeast or antibiotics?


Jodie - October 27

I think I may be pregnant and have the same thing going on except for the white dots o tongue. Nothing seems to taste the same to me and not only that but nothing seems to fell me up. I always feel hungry and always have that hunger pain. Is this a symptom?


April - October 28

The taste is very gross. I can't eat or drink anything that taste good! The white rash went away, it was from all of the mints I was eating to get the taste out of my mouth. The taste is getting better, but still foods taste funny.


kate - November 4

how soon did the metallic taste start in your pregnancy? i think i may be pregnant, and have today developed this odd taste. also everything i eat tastes different, not horrible, just that everything tastes a lot stronger are you all experiencing the same?


Vivi - November 4

Ask your husband/boyfriend if he can smell bad breath when you start talking to him - if so, you may have excess sulfur in your tongue, usually caused by nasal drip. The symptoms of what I just mentioned are a metallic taste in your mouth, white tongue (center back of tongue) and bad breath when first talking. Also alllergies can increase nasal drip causiing this. Sorry about the yucky possibility!


KM - November 4

Viv, just curious, are you a doctor or anything because you are so informed :)


KM - November 4

I only know about the stuff I have had ... like Halitosis ... it took me months to figure out what was wrong with me and many exams and doctors ... I am not a doctor not an expert, just personal experiences...:)


to KM - November 4

above post's name should read to KM!!!! sorry! :)


April - November 4

Kate, I started getting the taste when I was about 6 weeks along, it is getting better, but still I can not drink anything but water.


April - November 4

I don't have the white spots anymore just the taste. I have been chewing gum and that helps, but as soon as I stop the taste comes back. It is driving me nuts!!!


Shelia - November 13

I also have a bad taste. I brush my teeth when I can after meals or I wash my mouth out or chew gum. Peppermint is supposed to be settling to the stomach, but once it is gone I get the bad taste again. I can't stand sodas or sweet drinks anymore, water is about all I drink. I've had this for 9 weeks now.


April - November 14

Same here Shelia! It is not as bad now as it was, but sometimes it makes so sick. All I drink is water also. I have tried it all, and gum is the only thinkg that helps. My doctor said it should go away in the second trimester. I am now ten weeks pgn.



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