Now I Know Why Guys Would Never Get Pregnant

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very mad with man - March 1

Do you happen to have that husband that when he feels a little bit sick with a flu or a light cold he behaves like if he is dying well NOW IMAGINE THEM BEEN PRENGANT. The whole house would come down if they had this morning sickness and if they had this back pain and not to forget the LABOR!! TheY would have a heart attack!! They are such little kids! I can understand why God did not give that to the guys they would be sooo exagerated that they would stop working, would not get up from bed, if they had kids, they would not take care of them because they would think that if they get up from bed they will die.. (I admire all those women who have a big family and still have to get up in the morning send the kids to school, cook take care of the kids, etc..they are very good woman.) and then the guys when the baby would be born they will never stop saying "IF I WASN'T SO STRONG AND IF IT WASNT FOR ME THIS PRECIOUS BABY OF MINE WOULD NOT BE HERE"


SOOO TRUE - March 1



PP - March 1

AMEN you are right on...


very mad with men - March 1

well I am happy that there is people that thinks the same..and I am sorry for all the mistakes on my message but I was very anxious to get out what I had on my mind..AND TO THINK THEY THINK WE EXAGEREATE!!


SugarPie - March 1

Girl. Tell it! Preach on!


Mimi - March 1

SugarPie, ur a killer u crack me up !! ( To those who didn't get it, no, SugarPie is not a wanted serial killer cracking my body up, but rather a funny woman !) LOL


~m~ - March 1

LOL!! Men ARE babies! I love my man, and he treats me like a frickin queen, but my goodness if he gets the sniffles, he curls up under the cover and does that "half-opened eyes" thing as if he were on his death bed. I'm such a mean b___h that I ignore him....... that is unless I can tell he really feels bad. It's funny how you can tell the diff! MEN!!! You are so right, they could NEVER handle pregnancy and everything that comes along with it! They are such babies! LOL That said, I couldn't live without my "baby"! He is the greatest, with or without the sniffles! :o)


klm - March 1

I TOTALLY agree. My husband acts like the biggest baby when he has a cold, it is SAD! But, when I had a horrible ear ache and was so bad that I had to be on Vikodin for three days his advice to me was "Why don't you just drink a warm gla__s of water and then take a hot shower?" What the hell did he think that was gonna do? I love him, but he can be such an idiot!


Mel - March 2

one time my husband was not feeling well, he stayed on the couch all day, he wanted me to take his temperature...he was like 99.8 I said, "your fine" 5 minutes later, he asked me to take it again.... this time it was 99.9 ONE POINT HIGHER and the man layed back on the couch, closed his eyes, and whispered " I'm Rising..." he was so are so right, when men get a little under the weather, they think they're dying...they could NEVER be pregnant...


Heidi - March 2

Ha ha! You guys crack me up! This is my first pregnancy and all I can say is after having morning sickness, all the other c___p I ever had wasn't even close! I can't believe I'd call in sick way back when I had a little stomach problem! This totally sucks. My boyfriend is tolerating me pretty good BUT he's gone all the time working overtime so I don't see him when I get home and I'm in bed when he gets back! So I'm thinking, gee, are you avoiding me?!!?! I get frustrated because I have to do all the chores around the house and still make dinner when it would be nice if he was home once in a while to help do some stuff instead of me doing it all. I'm so lazy. But being home alone sometimes doesn't help! It's volunteer overtime too so it's not like he has to. But the money is nice. I'm just b___hy today I guess.


momof3 - March 2

Mel, LOL that is so funny. That sounds like my husband.


Mel - March 2

lol, what makes it even funnier is that my husband is a BIG man, he's 6'6 280 lbs. played football in college, and the biggest baby I know! lol


very mad with man - March 2

and even worse imagine if they were pregnant..and WE IGNORED THEM THE WAY THEY IGNORE US THINKING WE EXAGERATE...they would divorce us!! lol!!


momof3 - March 2

Mel, My husband is 6'2" a guess we both have "big babies" LOL!



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