Nuchal Translucency Nt

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Anya - April 27

I am 39 years old and pregnant 13w + 1. I just came from back from my first trimester scan and my baby had a 2.7mm NT. I am so worried. Has anyone else had this and got their results? Please answer ASAP!


L - April 27

I'm not an expert, so don't take my word for it, but searching on the internet, I found some statistics that say if its larger than 3mm, your possibility of down's syndrome goes up 18%. But your baby's is smaller than 3mm, so I think that sounds good.


Heidi - April 27

I had the scan done too and they didn't give me any measurements. They just said everything looked completely within normal ranges and that was it. Then they did a blood test to back it up and that was fine. They gave me my odds and they were really high so I didn't worry about it. What did they tell you your risk was? I went in at 11 wks and they said my baby was about 12 wks so maybe the measurements change since you're 13 wks along? They told me my results right away after the scan.


monica - April 27

I had it done also along with the blood test. mine was 2.0mm and the doctor told me that was normal for 12 weeks. He also said over 3mm is a risk. Did you have any blood work done as well? 2.7mm sounds normal range to me at over 13 weeks. Keep us posted.


Mary - April 27

I had the NT test done 2 weeks ago, Anya. Did you have genetic counseling before doing the test? If not, ask your doctor if this is offered to you thru your hospital. I learned a whole lot about the whole thing on that meeting. My NT was combined with a blood test that measured 3 chemicals. This is how it was explained to me - the measurement of the NT + your age + weeks of pregnancy at time of test + blood test results will give you a new probability of Down and Trisome 18. A catch all % value does not exist - there are tables based on the above variables I mentioned. have you had the blood test done? Just like L said, by searching the internet it seems that a measurement above 3 mm increases your changes of Down and Trisome 18. However, the test is not postive or negative, the results provide a piece of information to determine your new probabilities for genetic issues. Think positive, trust that your baby is fine, afterall the overal probability for Down and Trisome is less than 1% - at age 36 is .6%, and at 41 is 1% I believe. So you must be between those! Your baby is fine! Much baby luck to you!


Anya - April 28

Thank you everyone for your quick responses. Yes Mary, I did take a blood test along and they ran it through a computer program along with my NT (2.7mm) level. Thank God the results came out well for me. I will be doing another scan in about 4 weeks. Thank you all again for your kind words and support!!!



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