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Marie - April 19

Hey ladies. I'd like to know whether you have had better service from a male or female obgyn. What I mean is which s_x have you found to be more open to unique pregnancy situations and more likely to use further testing to figure out what's going on (like if you are having pregnancy symptoms, but are having lighter/shorter periods and/or neg urine tests.)


Lynn - April 19

Midwives... Most doctors are so black & white about things.. it doesn't matter how you feel, it's the test results that matter most type of things. Midwives are really in tune to how you actually feel & what's going with you, not just the test results..


Davida - April 19

I've had excellent care from both men and women OB's. The practice I am with now, surprisingly, I find the men to be a little more sympathetic and open to what I have to say than the women. The truth is I prefer a woman physician to a man but in this case it worked out the other way around. You have to be open!


NANA - April 19

well i have a great gyn and he is always there anything i tell him he looks into it and ive heard that women tend to be more rough.


kenya mama - April 19

My Dr's are a part of a medical group where there are 2 male and 2 female Drs. I have found that they all have different styles, but they listen to what I say and are willing to do whatever it takes to help. At my office, the men listen more and the women seem to be in a hurry. Just my experience. I don't know if that's a gender thing though.


... - April 19

I've had both male and female, and I found the male doctors more caring. The women made me feel like a piece of meat.


... - April 20

Male OB/Gyn. Definitely.


Kim - April 20

Male OB/GYN. Very thorough and very caring.


Sandra - April 20

I have a male OB and he is great. He was the one to tell us the bad news when we lost our previous pg, and was very sympathetic etc.


Alison - April 20

To be honest I prefer a male doctor over a female doctor.They seem to be more caring and thorough. Every woman doctor that I have met are major b**tches.



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