Obgyn Too Busy To See Me

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elise m - January 30

Hello all, new to the forums since I just found out I'm pregnant.... I went to my doctor and she referred me to an Ob/Gyn. But his secretary said they couldn't book me for an appointment for a long time, when I'll be beyond my 12th week! She said there's nothing they can do, they're too busy to see me sooner. I have health insurance through a university, and I can only go to the referred Ob/Gyn if I want insurance to cover it. I'll pay for someone else if that's what I need to do, though. Does this sound weird to anyone else? I'm kinda stressed out about it. Thanks for your thoughts. -Elise


SaraH - January 30

As long as you've had no complications w/ a previous/current pregnancy it is probably okay to wait. Many doc don’t even want to see a women until she is 9-12w pregnant. If you don’t want to wait though try calling your normal doc and ask if there is another OB they will refer you too.


elise m - January 30

Thanks for your comment. I guess it's not too late then. I think I'm more nervous because my normal doctor saw me for only about 5 minutes, said I was pregnant by a urine test, gave me prenatal vitamins, and left. Nothing else. No discussion of due date, diet, not to drink alcohol, etc. And this is my first pregnancy so I'm a litte stressed out :)


jen327 - January 30

Elise, I know it is frustrating to wait, but there is nothing the will or can do before 12 weeks anyway. So just take your prenatals and drink lots of water. But be sure to contact them for any bleeding or pain. These 9 months will get expensvie so it would be a good idea to keep it with your insurance. Good luck and congrats.


DownbutnotOUT - January 31

I found out i was preggers april 25-28 and my LMP was feb. 26/28 and I had a missed m/c in may. Well I guess my drs office never called the OBGYN because I got a call in June about when my 1st appointment was for my baby. now that was a very upsetting moment :/. I also would have been well over 4 months preggers



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