Off Pills Now What

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nm - September 3

i just got of the pills this month, i was wondering if there is a way to see if i am ovualting again yet or not? if i am i probably am pregnant b/c we did when i would have been ovualting, but i never felt the pinch (ovulation pinch in my stomach) which i usually did before my period??? really confused


Sandra - September 3

Your doctor did not tell you to wait three months after stopping the pill before trying to become pregnant? I have had seperate doctors w/each of my pregnancies & they all told me to wait three months, after stopping the pill, before trying to conceive. Your body will actually react different when the pill is stopped that is why you are supposed to wait. You need to see what is going to happen w/your cycle. You should talk to your doctor about all this.......


Macy - September 3

My OB told me to definitely not try to get pregnant the month I went off the pill. He strongly recommended not trying for the first three months as did the person above. I think that is pretty standard thought unless the pregnancy is an accident. I think they want to make sure your body goes back to normal prior to a pregnancy. Let's face it, you will notice changes if you have been on the pill for any amount of time. I would talk to your OB/GYN to see what they feel is best for your body.


Maureen - September 3

I got pregnant the same month I went off birth control by accident. I ended up having a miscarriage in the 2nd month. I don't know if it had anything to do with the fact that I did not wait approximately three months to get pregnant or not. However, my gyno did tell me to wait three months also. There must be a reason why they all say this.


Melanie - September 3

I think your body is just confused because you did just get off of birth control. Most woman are told to wait to get pregnant for at least three months for this reason. There might be more reasons but I don't want to misrepresent so I will not go there. I was on birth control for 10 years and I never felt the ovulation pinch during that time. However, once I went off the pill I felt the ovulation pinch/cramp every month which made conceiving a snap. Perhaps you are the opposite of what I was. Who knows. I would seek reliable answers from my doctor.


JoAnna - September 3

You can purchase an ovulation kit at your local pharmacy for just that. They are pretty expensive though. I personally would wait a few months & see what happens. Most likely you are not pregnant anyway. Nature can't be rushed! Good luck.


Victoria - September 3

You only ovulate once b/t cycles. Your body will be different b/c you are no longer on birth control. Did your doctor tell you to wait b4 trying to get pregnant? Also if your doctor is aware that you are off of birth control they should have started you on a prenatal. You are supposed to start a prenatal if you are wanting to get pregnant. I agree w/the others I think you are supposed to wait a few months after stopping birth control. Your doctor should have told you all this. If not, ask more ?'s. Good luck!



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