Off Topic Need Some Suggestions Motorcycle Or Truck

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divinelibra - May 20

we have a toyota matrix which is in WODERFUL condition and will be a great family car. and we also have a Honda cbr600 (a crouch rocket). we need to get rid of it though, it's getting old and needs more and more repairs. we're stuck on if we should get another motorcycle or a truck. we live in the houston area and with the traffic and gas prices spiking we think keeping to a motorcycle around would be best for now. we also have an "HOV" lane which allows motorcycles to get on and skip traffic and it's a straight shot to his work. if we got a truck though, it would be "safer", cops wouldn't be after him as much, if it rains, HE won't get rained on, and with a baby on the way, well, ya get me? but trucks are gas guzzlers, cost more to buy AND fix and he won't be able to use the HOV lane (cause you must have 2 or more people in the vehicle with you). what does everyone else think about this?


venus_in_scorpio - May 20

hey :o) i'd say try to get a sedan - i have a 2002 toyota camry and i love it because its roomy and not too much of a gas guzzler. with baby on the way it would be good to have a corolla, or maybe a honda civic or something four-door for easy car seat a__sembly, and also because baby is goig to turn into "kid" who will have friends and whatnot... plus with gas prices, i am not sure what it is down there but here in albany NY I pay $3.30 a gallon for good gas and that adds up quick! good luck - shoot me an email sometime. :o)


Chelle - May 20

I'm not sure what kind of price range you're looking at, but have you considered a hybrid? Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra both have a hybrid version. They're much easier on gas and a lot of areas allow them on the HOV lanes with only one person just because they're hybrids.


sarahbaby11 - May 21

my husband and i both have large vehicles. i ahve a durango and he has a quad cab dodge ram. i would say pa__s on the motorcycle and get a sedan. much safer and pretty good on gas. plus its a good family car. if my husband didn't need the truck to move stuff for work we would trade it in for a sedan. look around a motorcycle may be fun but not all that useful once the baby is here. is this your first??


divinelibra - May 21

yea, this is our first child. we have a safe, 4 door, family car right now in ADDITION to a motorcycle. and $ is a BIG factor. so if we do end up getting another vehicle it's going to have to be used. and parts to fix a vehicle are twice the cost to fix a motorcycle if something went wrong. thats why we're considering another motorcycle. and its more convenant for him to get to work everyday. its not for the "fun" of it. but it looks like everyone agrees on a vehicle. thanx for your replies.


venus_in_scorpio - May 22

my parents told me that when they were first married all they had were motorcycles for a few years, and because my dad knew how to fix them it wasnt that bad, but... the only thing is, when it rains (and esp. up here when it SNOWS!!!) it kinda sucks... ha... (I grew up on the back of a yamaha yzf-R1000) motorcyces are fair-weather friends but theyre great in good weather and when theyre running properly!! :o)



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