Oh My God What Did I Do

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Taylor - October 2

Hi, I'm 21 years old and a college student. My boyfriend and I have been together 3 years. I just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant, I had no idea. I missed my period and thought nothing of it because my boyfriend and I always use protection. I'm excited about the baby, we both have a steady job and were planning on getting married sometime next year. The problem is that I'm a college student, and I drink alot. I've been drinking like nothing's wrong for the last month, when I've been pregnant. I'd say I get drunk once a week, and have a few glasses of wine over the weekdays. I also socially smoke. I probably average about 6 ciggerates a week. I'm not an alcoholic or addicted to smoking, but I'm worried that I have already hurt my baby. What are the chances that I have done permanent damage already?


Re - October 2

You should be fine just stop smoking and drinking NOW!!!!! I had sevearl drinks socially until 6wks when I found out I was pregnant. You said you used prtotection. What kind????


booze and babies - October 2

'typical' so I wouldn't worry to much . Alcohol and conception go hand in hand very often if not almost always lol . No time better to do the right thing than now . Go see a doctor about it . hmmm drunk once a week and wine everyday ? are you sure about the not an alcoholic part ?


Taylor - October 2

I'm one hundred percent positive that I'm not an alcoholic. I don't drink wine everyday, maybe one or two days I'll have a gla__s with dinner with my boyfriend. And I'm a college student who just turned 21 a few months ago, i'm still having my kicks at bars. We used trojan no lubrication.


booze and babies - October 2

well then I think your worrys are probably unnecessary . It's good that you were concerned though . Best wishes are you going to stop having your kicks at the bars ?


My answer - October 2

I had those same concerns when I got pregnant with my second baby. I had several gla__ses of wine the night before the positive test (my birthday!). When I asked the Dr. about it, she said that the embryo has a yolk sac of sorts that sustains it throught the first few weeks while the placenta is forming. Your alcohol use does not cross over into the yolk sac, but will (of course) cross the placenta. I would a__sume you have stopped drinking and are doing all the right and healthy things for your baby.


Taylor - October 2

Of course I'm done at the bars!! Thanx everyone for their information, that puts me at ease! I'm only 4 weeks (could be 5 depening on when I ovulated), so I think I'm ok. My first Dr. appt is next Friday, so I'll be sure to double check with her.


Kris - October 2

A friend of mine didn't know she was pregnant until she was 3 months, and she drank like a fish and was a smoker and her baby is now over a year old and is fine.


Liz - October 2

My boyfriends mom got drunk several times during her pregnancy with him and he is just fine.



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