Oh My God What Have I Done

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bo - June 24

went to the doctor yesterday as I have been suffering stomach aches, and he suggested I may be pregnant. i thought - no way as i have been having my normal (admittedlty very light) periods, but he tested me - positive -felt my stomach and sent me for a scan straight away. they told me i am 18 weeks pregnant i cannot belive it, and the worst thing is i finished my degree a couple of months ago, and have since being out drinking almost every night, and on lots of boozy holidays. i have probably had 6 or 7 units every day the whole time...awful i know, but i figured you are only young once. now i am terrified i have badly harmed my baby. what can i do?


c - June 24

Try not to worry, you had no idea you were pregnant...its not your fault. If i were you id call the doctor and tell him your worries, hopefully he will be able to put your mind at ease. I am sure though that if there was a problem they would have seen something on the scan. Good luck.x


BB - June 24

Hi, already 18 weeks? Not 8? My Doc told me with my first pregnancy that nature would let baby come down within 32 days if any harm was done and she is now 5 and fit and healthy....good luck and let us know...


P - June 24

My sister was 27 weeks when she found out she ws pregnant. She had gone on vacation to Sweden for a couple of drunken weeks and who knows what she did before that! She had a 9lbs 5oz baby girl. No problems at all. Good luck.


Pamela - June 24

Oh girl, the first time I was pregnant I did some bad s***, and my baby girl turned out fine. Of course I stopped the second I found out though.


SS - June 25

Try not to worry and stress. I think thats more harmful to the baby than anything else. I was 12 weeks preg. with my 1st before I found out. I drank on holidays and strong coffee/tea every day. Ate watever and had a perfectly normal baby. She is 14 now. Honours student, beautiful, healthy with a wonderful future ahead of her. TO EVERYBODY WHO POSTED NOT BEING CAREFUL-how are these kids doing now? How old are they?


bo - June 28

thanks..thats really rea__suring to hear..i just had a quick scan measuring the baby..and yes i did mean 18 weeks already!, but i have a more detailed anomaly scan scheduled in twoweeks time which should ease my mind a little more


P - June 28

To SS: My sister found out at 27 weeks and her daughter is almost nine years old.



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